10 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s never too early to prepare for Mother’s Day. It’s that special day when you get to tell your mother how special she is to you. Here are 11 great mother’s day gifts made from sustainable materials by My Little Panda.

Cutlery Set

Give your mother our premium bamboo wood cutlery set here to help her eat sustainably. These are reusable cutlery sets which can serve her for many years. They’re dishwasher safe and safe for use so they won’t cut her or bruise her.

Warm Socks

In the winter months, it’s bound to get really chilly in the bones for your dear mother. Give her the gift of comfort and warmth with the Panda Bamboo Socks here. These hypoallergenic socks made from viscose fabric will keep your mother’s feet warm and happy.

Hygiene Kits

Bamboo Toothbrush and Holder

What’s more important than oral hygiene? It’s one of the first things someone notices about you. Give you mother the gift of sustainable oral hygiene this mother’s day with the My Little Panda toothbrush kit. With both a brush and a holder, she’ll have all she needs.

Reusable Earbuds

These reusable earbuds here are perfect for ear hygiene. They will help your mother keep a squeaky clean ear canal. With a set to help clean those nooks and crannies of earwax, you can be sure your mother will appreciate this gift. These buds are washable, pocket friendly and medical silicone.

Safety Razor

With this safety razor here, your mother can shave around the body without fearing any cuts or injuries. This bamboo handle safety razor is made with a combination of brass and zinc-alloy. It is reusable and has a twist on/twist off head for easy use.

Tongue Scraper

Oral hygiene doesn’t end at toothbrushes. This durable tongue scraper here is made from copper and will last much longer than plastic scrapers. It will help your mother disinfect her tongue from microbial build up or plaque. This will help boost her oral hygiene beyond the norm.

The thick, but dull edges of this tongue scraper will enable you to remove any built up residue in one stroke.

A Shopping Bag

These natural shopping bags here are made to last, but are flexible, recyclable, and lightweight. They can carry up to 8 kg of groceries. These are the perfect gift for mother’s day. You can help your mother shop in a sustainable way so that she doesn’t have to dispose of dozens of shopping bags. Made from sustainable hemp, these shopping bags will not pollute the planet and help your mother shop sustainably.

Bamboo makeyp remover pads

Make Up Removers

Make it easier for your mother to remove and reapply makeup this year. These reusable make up remover pads here from My Little Panda are incredibly soft and an alternative to single use pads. Yoou can wash and reuse them several times. They are made with bamboo and cotton and are gentle for sensitive areas. This means that your mother will get the love and care she needs for her makeup routine.

Kitchen Tong

The bamboo wooden kitchen tong here is an incredible design. It’s made to be durable and heat resistant and works for all types of food including French toast, and kebabs. Also, the tong is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing it clean after every use. 

Cooking Utensils Set

This cooking set here includes everything your mother needs to cook her favourite meals. It includes different types of spatulas and other utensils to make anything from stew to fried eggs. Made from bamboo wood, these utensils are made to last, but also biodegradable so they won’t pollute the environment.

They are durable, reusable, and very sturdy. They’re also heat resistant so you won’t have to worry about safety in the kitchen. Their durability will ensure that they don’t split or splinter or cause your mother any discomfort.

It’s a Wrap!

In the end, the best Mother’s Day Gifts come from the heart. We hope that our customisable, mindful, and eco-first suggestion piqued your interest. Whatever you choose will make your favourite person’s day special as you support their zero-waste choices.

 Alternatively, you can use this occasion to introduce them to plastic-free products that present a minimalistic approach to environmental efforts. 

Looking for more sustainable gift ideas? Shop at My Little Panda to browse and select an exclusive range of eco-safe products. We take pride in curating an SGS-certified inventory. 

Contact us for questions concerning delivery issues, ready-to-gift packaging, and other inquiries. 


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