10 Great Lunch Ideas for Kids

Don’t know what to cook for lunch for your kids? Here are 10 great lunch ideas for kids whether it’s for school or for your home.

1.    Pitta Pockets

Pitta pockets are nutritious meals which can replace sandwiches. They are made with pitta bread and crushed pea and carrot sticks and mint dip. This sounds like an odd combination, but it tastes scrumptious. You can even add some spiced almonds, chips, or cashews in there to give it more flavour.

This is a little dish which can be thrown together within minutes. It’s not something that you need a lot of experience or patience to master. You can throw it together if your child is getting late for school. It’ll taste delicious nonetheless.

holding pitta pocket

2.    Chicken Taco Salad

Chicken taco salad is one amazing dish that you can serve your child without hesitation. It tastes delicious, has great nutritional value, and contains tacos. What’s not to love? You can also put in avocado chunks and barbeque chicken for that added flavour and zest.

This is the perfect meal to go with My Little Pandas cutlery. Your child can also practice with cutlery and gain confidence! Soon, they’ll be holding a fork like a surgical instrument and munching down on the chicken taco salad.

3.    Fruit and Veg Sticks with Peanut Hummus

If you’re looking to give your child something nutritious which tastes amazing, try this idea. Give them a small serving of peanut hummus and a whole lot of fruit and veggie sticks. These can include carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

You can also stir in some chickpeas to make the hummus even more tasty. 

Fruit and Veg Sticks with Peanut Hummus hand

4.    Spinach and Cottage Cheese Frittatas

Now this is a match made in heaven. You may have seen these frittatas in some cartoons, but very few have actually tasted them. Yet, they’re so easy to make. You can prepare this tasty dish when you’re sort on time. You can even cook them in a muffin tin to bake them quickly.

Try to play with other ingredients too to give your little one.

5.    Vegetable Rolls

Vegetable rolls are a favourite, no matter which area of the world you’re in. You can try different combinations including spinach, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, chicken pasta, potatoes, etc. All that matters is that your child gets a healthy dose of vitamins, proteins and carbs for their day.

You can wrap these up in a cling film and twist them shut. This will avoid any spillage in school bags. 

6.    Moroccan Pitta

Moroccan pita is filled with falafels, crunchy red peppers and creamy hummus. What’s not to love? This is a healthy veggie lunch that your children will adore. It’s one of the best lunch ideas for kids who are fussy. They’ll get everything they need with a burst of flavour.

You can also give them My Little Panda cutlery to help them cut it up in to smaller pieces. That way, they can avoid spillage and take in every single bite.

7.    Tuna Rice Salad

While this may not be the most leafy green of the salads on our list, it’s a very nutritious one. Tuna meat with rise and a whole lot of vegetables. This one checks nearly all the boxes on the food pyramid. You can make a rice base in a batch and divide it up for the entire family.

The tuna topped version is just a bonus. You can even try the feta and beetroot version of this salad if you’re child is a bit picky.

8.    Green Bean and Penne Salad

If you’re looking to give your child something really healthy for their school, lunch, this is it. If your child loves leafy greens and crunchy foods in general, there’s nothing better for them. This is a speedy pasta salad which you can fit with basil and healthy tomatoes. The best part is you can fit a lot in one small lunchbox.

So, whether you’re serving this at home or at school, this will be great for your child. It’s chock full of nutrition, and it’s doesn’t taste bad either.

9.    Turkey and Pepper Pittas

Turkey and pepper pittas are so good and nutritious that you could probably have them for every meal. So, if you want to treat your little one to some great food, then you should prepare this. The turkey pittas are served with sour cream and soft avocado pieces. You can also serve them with chilli flakes or black pepper if you want.

It all depends on the kind of tastes you’re accustomed to. You can pack these up in a paper bag and send your kids off to school. A couple of these can last for 2 days if you store them right.

10. Chicken & Tzatziki Wraps

The taste of summer goes well in any season. That’s exactly what Chicken and Tzatziki wraps are/ You can fry these up in a griddle pan in just a few minutes. All you need to do is wrap your chicken and pepper chunks with a spread of tzatziki. You can also add in some vegetables for flavor like spinach or onions.

This can be a little picnic style lunch for your child. Whether they want to eat it whole or slice it up with their cutlery set is up to them. Whatever the case, they’ll love the taste.

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Kids bamboo cutlery sets

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