3 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping is an important part of the gift-giving process. It’s a way to personalise your gifts and make them look even more appealing.

This year, say goodbye to traditional gift wrapping options and embrace eco-friendly methods. Here are a few ideas for you.

Brown/Kraft Paper

Most gift wrapping papers comprise several components that make them non-recyclable. The glossy and metallic appearance may look appealing, but it’s also the reason for gift wrapping papers being an unsustainable option.

On the other hand, kraft paper works wonderfully and is a biodegradable option. The brown paper can be used to wrap just about anything, giving your gifts a rustic and earthy look. You can further decorate the wrapping by tying a string or ribbon, using stamps, or adding natural decorative elements such as dried flowers and pinecones.


If you wish to take your gift wrapping skills up a notch, we recommend using Furoshiki. This is a Japanese wrapping cloth that has fast become a popular eco-friendly option. All you need is a square cloth and basic folding skills to wrap your gift beautifully.

You can further personalise your gift wrap by adding fresh flowers or ribbons to the final package. You can also create a rustling effect by layering the gift with tissue paper before wrapping it in the cloth.


As one of the most recyclable items, newspapers make great gift wrapping options. If you’ve got a stack of old newspapers lying around the house, why not utilise them for your gifts?

Like brown paper, newspapers make gift wrapping super easy. If you’re not a fan of the printed texture of your wrapping paper, you can brighten it up with some stickers, coloured ink, or dried flowers.

old newspapers

At My Little Panda, we use sustainable packaging materials for all our products. We use bamboo packaging, cutting down plastic wrap usage by up to 80%. You can request our sustainable gift-wrapping services as well when you order from our store to enjoy the additional packaging elements. These include a double-sided label space for personalised messages and kraft paper envelopes.

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