3 Mistakes You’re Making While Brushing Your Teeth

Most people don’t really think about the mechanisms involved in brushing teeth. After all, it’s something you do every day. Surely you know what you’re doing?

Even though brushing is a simple task that you perform daily, you might be doing things wrong. Here are a few errors you may be making while brushing teeth.

You’re Not Cleaning All Surfaces

One of the biggest mistakes people make when brushing their teeth is not covering all the surfaces. Here’s the thing: brushing involves brushing each tooth in its entirety. This means you need to cover the front and back surfaces and the crevices between the teeth.

Additionally, you also need to cover the area near the gum line. Don’t forget about the tongue! Gently scrape the tongue after you’re brushing your teeth to prevent a bad odour.

You’re Brushing Too Hard

Remember, brushing is supposed to be a soothing experience. Dentists recommend “massaging” your teeth while brushing as opposed to scrubbing them clean. This means that you need to be gentle with your brushing technique and use circular motions to get all the spots without hurting your teeth.

Many people think that the more vigorously they brush, the cleaner their teeth will be. This isn’t true. In fact, brushing too hard can harm the protective surface and cause gum bleeding. Be gentle with your brushing movements!

a woman holding a toothbrush


You’re Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Yes, there is such a thing as a wrong toothbrush. Using the wrong dental product can harm your teeth and negatively impact your dental health.

So, how do you determine if the toothbrush you’re using is good for you or not? For starters, it should be able to reach all the areas that need to be brushed. If you’re having trouble brushing the teeth at the very end of your jaw, you might want to reconsider your brushing tool.

Secondly, your toothbrush should have soft bristles that don’t scratch your teeth or other surfaces. If the bristles are flared or worn out, it’s time to replace your toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes are a great option, as they’re hygienic, sustainable, and easy to use.

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