3 Sustainable Items to Carry In Your Travel Bag

Getting ready to travel to Spain? Or looking forward to traveling to France from the UK? Well, there are a few items you should consider packing in your travel bag. These sustainable and eco-friendly items are sure to help keep your journey healthy and hygienic. And, they are none other than easy to carry and cabin-approved cutlery from My Little Panda.

Sustainable cutlery items are not found everywhere, they require certification and special adherence to UK laws regarding sustainability and safety. My Little Panda is the place where these vegan and cruelty-free utensils can be purchased from. Let’s have a look at what some of these products are and why you should invest in them.

Sustainable Items To Carry In Your Travel Bag

1. Bamboo Straws

With straws adding to ocean pollution, the shift towards sustainable and reusable straws has become a dire need. While metal straws may be sustainable, they are not allowed while traveling, especially on an airplane. Instead, bamboo straws can do the trick. They can be washed and reused while you travel. And they are a lot more hygienic and safe to use. Even teething babies can use them!

2. Easy Grip Baby Cutlery Set

If you have a baby accompanying you as you travel, then having an easy grip baby cutlery set is a must. This set is free of any toxic chemicals and glues that can be harmful to your toddler’s health. And, the easy grip structure is sure to help your child practice and learn how to use utensils. You can get the hemp carry case in your child’s favorite color with their name engraved, it is sure to become their most prized possession as they grow up.

Bamboo lunch set and a map

3. Bamboo Lunch Set

The bamboo lunch set can be used by people of all ages. It includes all the utensils you need and is ideal for camping, UK travel, and eating on the go. In addition, these utensils are dishwasher safe. They come in a compact and lightweight hemp case that can fit into your travel bag without taking too much space. Trust us, you will be glad you had the lunch set by your side while traveling, it is sure to save you from using dirty and improperly washed utensils.

What Makes These Products Stand Out from the Rest?

When it comes to getting into the details of why investing in these products is worth the money, the answer is simple. Products such as those made from bamboo and olive wood are a lot more hygienic. They are also allowed on the plane as they are cabin approved – they are metal free! The knife blades on knives made by My Little Panda are less than 6 cm, thus following the state laws regarding the type of cutlery that can be carried on a plane. Moreover, these items are lightweight too, so you need not worry about going overweight with your luggage. And the best part is that they are sustainable and perfect for helping preserve the ecosystems!

Place An Order Today!

With a list of the top items that are a must-have in your travel bag out of the way, you can now make the right investment and get your hands on each item before you travel to the USA from UK. You can get vegan and eco-friendly cutlery that is easy to carry and reusable from My Little Panda. We have a wide range of items which you can choose from – be it chopsticks, bamboo lunch sets, baby cutlery sets, or even bamboo straws, all can be found on our Eating on the Go collection here. Click here to browse through the items.
That’s not all, our products are SGS certified and make great gifts as well. You can have a personalized name engraved on the carry cases. We use the standard Courgette font but you can have this changed via our email-live chat – here you can even watch the gift being made live! Now isn’t this something worth the investment! And, each product is designed by UK students and locally produced as well.

For more information, visit our website and drop us a message. We will get back to you or as soon as possible.

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