4 Benefits of Using Organic Baby Cutlery Products

As little ones grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to ensure their safety. Modern parents often select baby-safe products to keep their children out of harm's way. Choosing the correct cutlery can be a tough decision in these circumstances.

You want something that aligns with your budget, food-safety standards and appeals to young children.

My Little Panda takes great pride in accommodating your family’s needs with a super cute organic baby cutlery set. The hemp pack contains everything you need to promote self-feeding during weaning.

This article sheds light on the advantages of our sustainable design and mindful construction.

Here are all the reasons why you need to purchase this set:

#1. All-in-One Baby Bamboo Cutlery Set

Our easy-grip baby cutlery set here contains handcrafted products for spoon feeding and self-feeding. There’s a small fork and spoon that your baby can use to try different types of food. Your choices include purees, mashed food, sliced fruits, and veggies. These products are 100% olive wood with no sealants, adhesives, or artificial colouring.

Additionally, these spoons and forks are dishwasher-safe. That makes for hassle-free usage regardless of how sticky or messy the meal was. The set comes with a bandana-style bib that you can tie around their neck to manage the mess.

Moreover, the lightweight design and hemp-based pouch make it a portable set for families travelling with a baby. Due to this, many parents consider them a must-have item for their baby bag.

Parenting Tip: We have lunch sets here for school-going children. They are relatively bigger but still perfect for growing children. The set comes with a bamboo straw, straw cleaner, a small kid-safe knife, and a fork and spoon.

#2. A Good Grip and Soft Design

Weaning begins around the same time infants are teething. Their soft gums and baby teeth require extra love and attention during this phase. It’s why our organic baby cutlery products are made from olive wood. Its curvature, shape and rounded edges provide the same advantage. Young children are less likely to get hurt when they wave their spoons and fork around in excitement during mealtime.

Moreover, our sustainable design features a sturdy handle that supports your baby’s grip. It fits inside their small hands easily, promoting good motor skills.

Additionally, the premium-quality wood passes durability standards. This characteristic makes these products less prone to breakage than a plastic baby cutlery set.  That’s highly beneficial for parents as young ones often throw spoons and fork down or try to bend them during the first few meals.

#3. Baby-Safe Products

You need to be extra careful of what your baby puts inside the mouth when it comes to safety. That’s why what you use to feed your child has equal importance as your growing baby's dietary requirements and nutritional needs.

Our organic baby cutlery set features an odourless olive wood with natural antibacterial qualities. It’s food-safe and less likely to harm your child or the planet.

The reasons to choose this set are as follows:

  • No plastics or PVA
  • Lead-free
  • No BPA
  • Zero traces of chemicals, artificial dyes, sealants, or toxic adhesives
  • Naturally antimicrobial and germ-free

Overall, it’s an excellent substitute for metallic or plastic dishware for young eaters.

toddler eating

#4. You Promote a Greener Planet Baby Cutlery Set

Our organic baby cutlery set allows you to make an ethical and environmentally-safe choice for your child. You’re using a product that aligns with vegan principles, uses a renewable resource, and reduces your carbon footprint. In addition to this, it’s biodegradable.

That means it decomposes and becomes mulch for plants when disposing of the cutlery after years of usage. Subsequently, using plant-made products allows you to protect your little ones and the planet. You’re also indirectly teaching your child the value of sustainable choices from a very young age.

These are lessons they can carry forward as they grow older.

In a Nutshell

Organic baby cutlery sets are a welcome addition for families with young eaters. Our sustainably designed products support self-feeding as your child develops a stronger grip. The soft, smooth wooden surface doesn’t harm baby gums and has no sharp edges.

These cutlery items are food-safe with no aftertaste or chemical residue clinging onto the surface. Consequently, these spoons and forks look and feel brand new after each wash because it doesn’t contain any additives that could compromise their natural qualities.

Overall, these benefits make our products the ideal choice for parents interested in investing in baby-safe products that are good for the planet.

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