4 Quick Ways to Create Your Own Vegan Kitchen

 Going vegan doesn’t just help your health, it also helps the health of the planet. Going vegan puts less stress on manufacturing, industries, and general energy use. Hence, it can truly help conserve resources and the environment as a whole.

If you’re going to go vegan, you should have the right kitchen setup. Here are 4 quick ways to create your very own vegan kitchen setup.

How to Create Your Very Own Vegan Kitchen

1.     Get the Right Utensils and Cookware

You should have the right utensils and cookware for your vegan kitchen. This doesn’t just mean having regular utensils and cookware. You should practice sustainability here as well. Whether you’re getting pots and pans or utensils to cook with, you should practice veganism here too.

My Little Panda has cruelty free, vegan utensil sets here which you can buy for cheap. These include a full set of spatulas, spoons, etc. which are all made of recycled materials and all user-friendly. 

You should also invest in high quality knives which last. You can sharpen and maintain one great knife for several things including cutting vegetables or baked goods. That way, you’ll reduce the strain on the environment by using a single product. You will also reduce stress on the environment by simply maintaining the knife instead of buying a new one.

Finally, you should have a wooden cutting board.

2.     Stock Up Your Pantry with Essentials

You should have a stacked pantry for your vegan kitchen. This doesn’t include luxuries like condiments or spices. However, it does include essential grains and beans that you should have on hand to cook staples.

These include:

  • Beans and lentils and peas. These are some of the most used essentials in a vegan diet. They’re great sources of protein, and also provide vitamins like iron.
  • Whole grains like oats and quinoa can help thicken the stews and soups you make.
  • Finally, you should have rice, noodles, and pasta on hand to make tasty treats when you’re feeling hungry.
  • Whole grain flour, baking soda, and baking powder are also great essentials to have. You can use these for baking tasty goods on the weekend.
  • Finally, you should have some whole nuts for consumption. These nuts are all from nature’s bounty and healthy sources of fat for your body. This is a great source of energy for your body which can help you shed the pounds. Make sure to get nut and seed oils as well to garnish your salads. These will provide ample flavour and healthy fatty acids.

3.     Fill Your Refrigerator

Remember to stock up your refrigerator with fresh fruit and vegetables from the local farmer’s market. You can get the veggies and fruits you love, but always try to get the ones that are in season. That way, you can support local farmers who have reverted to organic farming.

Also stock up on protein sources like tofu for baking and frying. You can also try silken tofu for dressings and puddings. Dried tofu is great for dressings for soups as well.

Finally, you should have dairy replacements for your heart’s desire including vegan cheese, almond milk, etc.

Vegan bamboo culery on a plate of vegan food

4.     Get Popular Vegan Alternatives for Your Kitchen

Of course, beating your hunger for non-vegan foods is hard. Hence, you should get some vegan alternatives for foods you really love. These include:

  • Plant-Based Yogurts: You can add this to fruits and cereals for a healthy snack or for breakfast. This is another vegan alternative to dairy that is delicious.
  • Cheat/Mock Meats: In place of chicken, beef, mutton or pork, you can get these mock meats which are 100% cruelty free. Supermarkets now carry meat alternatives everywhere.
  • Whole Egg Substitutes: If you’ve eaten eggs your entire life, you should definitely try egg substitutes. You can find these at supermarkets and health stores pretty easily.

Get Vegan Kitchen Utensils and Other Vegan Products From My Little Panda

My Little Panda has a variety of cruelty free, vegan utensils here and other products that promote the sustainable lifestyle. All our products are created using recyclable materials and are sourced from local labour.

My Little Panda’s products are also certified by the SGS and are designed by students in the UK. The products aren’t just designed to be sustainable, but to be strong, user-friendly, and hygienic. Basically, are products are the whole package for our customers.

At My Little Panda, we are committed to sustainability through and through. Our products are created without harming nature in any way or encouraging any sort of deforestation or tree felling. So, if you want to live the sustainable lifestyle, My Little Panda is your number one source.

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