5 Ways to Add Flair to Paper Wrapping for Your Gifts

5 Great Ways of Gift Wrapping Presents

1.    Use Physical Photographs to Go with the Wrapping

This is a no-brainer for a very personal gift. If you want to remind someone of how much they mean to you, perhaps you can attach a personal photograph with it. This could be a photograph of you and your loved one, or a solo photograph of your loved one. You could use a memorable photograph to remind them of a special day, or an occasion which means the world to both of you.

Physical photographs can also make great postcards. If you’re gifting someone a present from very far away, you can make a beautiful postcard out of a memory.

2.    Experiment With Different Coloured Paper

At times, certain colours can mean so much more than a single shade between people. You may have marked a memory or a special occasion with a colour or several colours in your life. You can use those memories as colours to wrap your gift. This could be an unusual combination or a plain shade, whatever you prefer.

If it comes from the heart and signifies meaning, then it’ll be worth it. After all, no matter how large or small the gift, it’s the thought that truly counts. This is one of the most creative ways of gift wrapping presents for your loved ones.

3.    For Christmas: Nestle It In the Christmas Tree

If you’re gifting someone a Christmas gift, then the best thing to do is to nestle it in the tree. You should use a simple tethering rope or ribbon to tie it to the tree. That way, they can find their gift gently tied to the symbol of Christmas. You can even use some string if your gift is small.

You can put some glitter on the ribbons or strings if you want to give the more festive look. All it’ll do is impress your loved ones even more that you made the effort.

Personalised gifts

4.    Use Coloured-Lettering

Coloured lettering is a classic way to decorate gifts. You can print a message or the names of your loved ones with white, black, red, blue, or any other colour lettering. You can also use coloured lettering to print a slogan or better yet just print a silhouette.

The message or shape you choose to print can range from the most mundane to the most specific. However, you should put some thought into it if you’re pursuing this gift-wrapping route. Remember that this decoration is to show your loved ones how much you truly care.

5.    Use A Floral Ribbon Bow

A floral bow is perhaps the most beautiful and extensive bow that you can tie on a present. Here’s how:

  • Wrap a ribbon around your hand. Then hold one end against your palm with your thumb. Continue to wrap the ribbon around your hand until the entire piece is done. Then take the ribbon out of your hand in the same state.
  • Then fold the ribbon loop in half without having it come undone.
  • Use scissors to cut the corner off both sides of the cinch, which is the folded middle. Cut through all the ribbon layers and leave some space in the centre of the cinch.
  • Unfold the ribbon loop, but don’t let it come undone. Use a second ribbon to tie the cinch and fit it between the notches that you cut in the middle. You should now tie a knot.
  • Now with the ribbon restrained, you can separate the loops to create a floral bow.

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