5 Essential Garden Party Decorations

Spring and Summer are ideal seasons to throw garden parties. These events offer you an excuse to call your friends and family over and show off your garden. If you have a knack for cooking, you can also woo guests with your baking and bbq skills.

Food may be one of the primary items that draw people to garden parties, but it is the decorations that make them truly special. You may be wondering what kind of decorations you will need to take your event to the next level. Decoration trends come and go, but sustainable decorations are all the rave in 2022.

Here is a list of five essential cooking accessories that double as garden party decorations and were created with sustainability in mind.

1.      Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Bamboo wood is revered across the globe for its beauty, strength, and elasticity. It holds a special place in many Asian cultures and has served as a foundational building block for numerous civilizations.

You can introduce bamboo at your next garden party with this set  of bamboo cooking utensils. This set of six hand-crafted spoons and spatulas are strong and stylish. They have a smooth finish and are comfortable to grip.

These utensils were finished by hand to ensure a perfect wood finish that won’t split or splinter from repeated uses. The matching set looks great hanging from your kitchen wall or inside your kitchen drawer. Their Panda logo ups the cute factor, which is a bonus given their sustainable nature.

2. Japanese Match tea set

No garden party is complete without tea. Consider skipping the Earl Grey this time around and opting for Matcha instead. This traditional Japanese tea has a unique flavour and is packed with antioxidants.

You can prepare authentic-style matcha tea using this sustainable Japanese Matcha Tea Kit. It includes all the tools needed to make the perfect cup for your garden party guests.

The scoop (chasaku) can be used to break up your matcha into powder before adding your hot water. The bamboo whisk (Chasen) can be used to stir the brew and produce a layer of foam to enhance your hot drink. This tea set would look fantastic on any tea tray and is sure to be a hit at your next garden party.

3.      Bamboo Toaster Tongs

These Bamboo Toaster Tongs are essential if you intend to set up an artisan toast bar at your next garden party. These nifty tools are lightweight and dishwasher safe. Most importantly, they are heat resistant. They make fishing toast out of just about any toaster a breeze.

This set includes two natural Bamboo tongs, so you can count on being able to fish toast from your toaster even if garden party guests misplace one of them.

4.      Japanese Print Bamboo Chopsticks

Have your utensils double as garden party decorations at your next event with these Japanese Print Bamboo Chopsticks. These chopsticks are perfect if you intend to serve your guests exotic dishes such as Udon or Sushi.

The set includes five pairs of chopsticks featuring gorgeous Japanese prints near the base. They feature a non-slip coating for better grip. These chopsticks also come in a sophisticated box wrapped on origami packaging. Consider unveiling them at your next garden party and showing them off to your guests before the meal.

Garden bamboo cutlery

5.      Natural Dish Brush Set

This Natural Dish Brush Set is both stylish and natural. It’s bristles are made from sisal plants, which enhances the product’s natural feel. The combination of wood handles and metal hooks gives the brushes a tasteful appearance.

These brushes are also completely biodegradable. This makes them a great alternative to synthetic brushes that harm the environment and tarnish your kitchen’s appearance. Consider whipping out this brush set at your next garden party and wow guests with your sustainable choices.

Why Choose My Little Panda for Your Garden Decorations?

My Little Panda produces its products from natural sources and prioritises sustainability in their manufacturing. Each one is designed by students in the United Kingdom and is SGS approved. We can also offer to personalise your cutlery to make your next garden party more memorable.

We engrave all our products in-house at our London office. Check out our full selection of products at our website and deck out your home with sustainable cooking accessories.

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