6 Great Benefits of Gifting Someone a Wood Engraved Gift

Wooden engravings are some of the most long-lasting, classic ways to personalize a gift. Not only will you make a great impression, but it’s also one of the most personal ways to tell someone you care. Here are 6 benefits of gifting someone a present with wood engraving.

1.     Engravings Last a Long Time

Engravings last a long time, far longer than any poster or cover or colouring. From the ancient Egyptian tombs of the pharaohs to the classic statues from the Greek and Roman Ages. The colours may have faded, but the engravings are still there.

That’s because the engravings are quite literally the reshaping of the material rather than an addition. Hence, using wood engraving to personalize your gift will not only be a personal gesture, but also a practical one. 


2.     Engravings are Beautiful and Personal

Engravings are really classy. There’s no getting around it. If you engrave a name, a title, a message, or a slogan on to anything, it immediately reeks of quality. Engravings are a sign of craftsmanship and that you care as well. They’re not cheap gimmicks.

If you think of some of the most classic pieces of art or some of the historical landmarks in museums, they have engravings. Beautiful painting frames and statues; plaques and tablets, etc. are all engraved. These are signs of effort and skill which also add a touch of class to an object.

3.     Engravings are Cheap and Affordable

Engravings are also cheap compared to other gift décor ideas you can come up with. Since it involves simply shaping and manipulating the original material, there are no other materials involved. If you custom engrave a gift, you’ll usually be charge just a couple of pounds over the original price. However, at My Little Panda, you won’t be charged a single pence over the original price!

4.     Wooden Engravings are Better for the Environment

Wooden engravings are really great for the environment. They don’t produce additional waste, and don’t require any additional material. Also, the wooden shavings and chunks which do get lose from the original product are all recyclable and biodegradable.

Hence, you are using a gift décor idea which doesn’t burden the environment at all. It’s classy, it’s beautiful, ait’s personal, and it’s cheap, to go with that. What more could you want? 


5.     Wooden Engravings Reduce Production Waste

Wooden engraving has become a practice which limits resource use and waste in all shapes and forms. Several wooden engraving masters have refined the process to limit the water, and other resources needed for the process. This means that you’ll barely affect the environment when you choose engraving.

Also the energy resources used for engraving are minimal as well. Wooden gift box manufacturers have also investigated ways in which you can make additional fuel products from the wood dust. Event the shavings left over can be used to create other products for the gift industry.

6.     Wooden Engraved Gifts are Reusable

Wooden engraved products are reusable. This means that they can be used and reused over generations and translate into family heirlooms. You can use the same wooden engraved gift as a family keepsake or treasure to cherish for generations.

You can also gift the engraved box to a loved one or repurpose the gift box as you would like. Wooden engraved gifts are not just purposed for one thing. They can be gifted over generations and even modified with further decorations. They can be painted, further engraved, laser etched, etc. This is why wood engravings are such a fantastic idea in the first place. They set the stage for you to add your own flair as well.


Choose My Little Panda for Your Personalized Wooden Engravings

My Little Panda doesn’t just offer environmentally sound products which reduce waste. We also offer wooden engravings which help keep the environment cleaner. They don’t require additional materials and don’t pollute the environment. What’s more, they look professional, personal, and beautiful as well.

We do our own engravings at the London Office at no extra charge! You only pay for the products. You can book all your products online and have them delivered to you within a couple of days.

So, order from My Little Panda here for the most sustainable, and personalized gifts for your loved ones.

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