7 Best Escape Rooms in London

The City of London is arguably one of the most exciting places to live in. The city is bustling with numerous great restaurants, pubs, and shops. However, an often overlooked attraction are its escape rooms.

This major city is home to some of the most unique and thrilling escape rooms in England. If you’re in the mood to solve exciting puzzles with friends, consider checking out the following seven escape rooms in London.

1.      Mission: Breakout

Mission: Breakout is a must-visit if you’re ever in Kentish Town. This facility features two fun and unique escape rooms called The Lost Passenger and Codebreakers. The Lost Passenger is a head scratcher based on the true tale of a passenger who went missing at the South Kentish Tube Station in the 1920s.

Codebreakers, on the other hand, features a more cerebral setup modelled after a group of brilliant masterminds. Both these rooms are sure to get you to put on your thinking cap and think outside the box.

2.      Sherlock: The Official Live Game

Anyone who is a fan of BBC’s Sherlock series for the early 2010s must visit this Sherlock-themed escape room in Shepherd’s Bush. The story goes like this: London is in the midst of a wave of criminal activity, but its favourite detective has gone missing. Your job is to sweep the area for clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the truth.

Fans of the series will be overjoyed to see some familiar sets in this escape room. The story was also written by the series’ creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Be sure to unleash your inner detective at this escape room.

3.      Moriarty’s Game

Still looking to get your Sherlock fix? Moriarty’s Game has you covered. This escape room will have you scouring the streets of Marylebone, searching for clues left behind by the fiendish Professor Moriarty. Sherlock’s arch nemesis has taken refuge in a safe house that you are tasked with finding

Players will need to race against time and solve mind-melting puzzles to overcome this challenge. If you’re looking for a special escape room, London Moriarty’s Game offers a thrill unlike any other.

4.      Breakin’ Escape Rooms

Breakin’ Escape Rooms in Islington is known for the high challenge its escape rooms pose for players. You will need to interact with your environment, memorise clues, and use your mind to overcome these challenges. These games are best for groups of two to six people who are looking for a sixty minute thrill to occupy their time.

5.      The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Piccadilly's The Crystal Maze Live Experience may not be a traditional escape room. However, this venue offers plenty of the same thrills associated with some of the best escape rooms in the country.

Players can play this game in groups of eight. They will be accompanied by a Maze Master who will challenge, aid, and cheer them on as they overcome a series of exciting hurdles. This escape room is perfect for anyone looking for a thrill in the Piccadilly area.

6.      AIM

AIM Escape in Whitechapel offers uniquely immersive escape rooms that offer exciting challenges. Psychopath’s Den places players against a psychopath who is adamant to make you their next victim. Patient Zero 2150 is about saving the world from complete destruction. Spy Heroes lets you live out your spy fantasies while traversing some physical challenges along the way.

Each of the aforementioned rooms are well-themed and offer fantastic experiences for anyone seeking to escape their day-to-day life.

7.      Modern Fables

Modern Fables in Hackney offers three fun and unique games. The Oracles is for cosmonauts that want to explore the universe’s mysteries. Hypersomnia offers a trippy 80s sci-fi setting that is sure to invoke a sense of nostalgia. The Escapist has you locate an obscure cult focused on the missing person Lavinia Carter.

These games are sure to offer some great thrills for you and your mates. Check out Modern Fables the next time you visit Hackney.

Enjoying London’s Escape Rooms to the Fullest

Consider visiting as many of the escape rooms mentioned above as you can the next time you visit London. If you decide to stop for a quick snack or meal between rooms, consider investing in environmentally friendly cutlery from My Little Panda for eating on-the-go . These sets are both cute and sustainable, and make your outdoor activities truly special.

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