A guide to buying gifts for the team

This is great news - 

the company is looking for gifts to thank their employees, and you are able to participate! Please note that it must be completed by the end of this month. Good luck!

It can be both stressful and exciting to receive such a report. Surely this is a positive development. Lastly, you have the opportunity to reward the people who keep your business running, but you will have to figure out how to accomplish this.

What should you do first? You probably have a number of unanswered questions. What is the most effective way to create something that makes everyone feel appreciated for the entire team? When you are organizing it, how will it all fit in your office (and on your calendar!)?

Although it may seem daunting at first, do not worry, you will be able to handle the task. Additionally, you will be rewarded for your efforts when you see how your thoughtful gift will brighten your coworker's day.

To assist you in navigating this process, reduce stress, and give your coworkers something that they will appreciate, we have compiled this brief guide.

Clarify the purpose. We are in the era of sustainable gifts.

What is the purpose of this gift? Do you intend to give it as a gift for an event, such as the annual holiday party? Will it be motivational for staff working remotely for WFH? Do you intend this gift to be a thank you gift for reaching a significant milestone or completing a project?

In some cases, there is no specific event or purpose, but the company just wants to do something enjoyable for their workers, so the event occurs.

Natural Gifts at My Little Panda

Knowing your recipients is critical. 

Will you be purchasing for the entire office or a specific department? Perhaps the gift can be customized or personalized in some way for smaller groups. There are a number of possible themes. Do you have a hard-working group that needs a short break? Perhaps a wellness kit can help them unwind. Do you have a group of socially inclined individuals? Perhaps you can arrange something to entertain your guests. Are you interested in engaging your employees and bringing them together? Organizing a game might be a smart idea.

Be sure to stay within your budget.  

Unlike a blank check, you are likely to have a limited budget, so every pound you spend must be put to good use. Approximately how much can you spend on each person's gift? If you are sending these to your colleagues, please include shipping as well.

Imagine the presentation in your mind. 

Would the gift be opened at the office or at home? Would you like to include any personalization or individual notes with the gift? Will the gift be wrapped? A small gesture can make a big difference. Ready gifts are now available online at My Little Panda , presented in origami and bamboo paper with a ready-to-give label. 

Gifts for the Team At My Little Panda

Consider your time constraints carefully. 

It may seem rewarding to do all the work yourself at first, but it is probably not the only task you are undertaking. The gift is intended to boost morale, and you want to ensure that yours remains high as well. Having the fulfilment handled by an expert might be worth the investment so that you can concentrate on finding the perfect gift.

Do not settle for less than you deserve.

 Having outlined your guidelines, you can now relax a bit and enjoy browsing for creative, quality products your coworkers will love. If you are searching for a gift, select something unique or useful that will stand out.

You can count on us for assistance!

 Alternatively, you may contact our corporate gift specialists by e-mail at hello@mylittlepanda.co.uk or over the phone at 0203 961 7985. At every step of the way, we will assist you and ensure your team has an excellent experience.

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