A Guide to Going Camping in the Lush Wales Countryside

 Are you planning to go camping in Wales? Here is a basic guide to help you on your journey. It includes spots to visit and the essentials that you’ll need to survive out in the wild.

The 4 Best Spots to Go Camping in Wales

1.     Snowdonia

Snowdonia has several boulders you can camp underThis is arguably the most stunning place in all of Wales. Snowdonia is a National Park which has several outdoor delights for wild campers.

You can take shelter underneath the Cromlech boulders or the Llanberis pass. These places provide spectacular shade in the summer months if you’re so inclined to brave the journey during summer vacation. You can also try any of the various activities that the Park has for its visitors.

2.     Cae Du

Cae Du is a very famous camping site in Wales

Cae Du is a place which always shows up on the list of the best camping sites in Wales. The mountains cradle it in their palms, but there are also sea views of the Ynys Enlli there. You can also catch the Llyn Peninsula in the other direction.

The area is also a farm which specialises in the rearing of sheep and cows. Welsh-speaking families run this place and have been for generations to produce some of the finest meats. 

3.     Pencelli Castle Camping Park

Pencelli castle looks over various mountains and rolling hillsThe first thing you’ll notice when you get here is that there are no castles. However, that means there are more great views for you to look forward to. The campsite here has won the Wales Bloom competition several times. This early spring, you should definitely head down to Pencelli.

The largest field in the area looks over stunning mountains and rolling hills which makes for a great treat.

4.     Berwyn Mountains

The Berwyn Mountains

The Berwyn Mountains lie to the northeast of Wales. They are incredibly spectacular and are surrounded by spectacular views on all sides. These include other high peak and waterfalls.

The area is also home to the Berwyn National Reserve. Which means that you can spot some wonderful wildlife here that you may not find anywhere else in Wales.

The wildlife includes birds and rare plants which you may not find anywhere else.

The best part about Berwyn is that it’s not known as well as other sites like Snowdonia. Hence, you may have a bit more privacy and solitude here.


Things to Bring With You When Camping in Wales

Camping is not all sights and sounds of nature. You have to bear the brunt of the elements too. While all the places mentioned here are safe, you’ll need a few things to make your stay a little more pleasant.

Freeze Dried or Canned Goods

Take along some freeze dried or canned goods so you can have snacks handy. You can’t cook up stuff all the time. Instead, try relying on some modern conveniences. Of course, you should take these along in cloth bags and not plastic carriers.

Boiled Water/Harvest Water from Fresh Streams

Have some boiled water handy or learn how to harvest from nearby streams. You’ll be surprised how quickly you run out when you’re thirsty.

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If you’re planning to start a campfire, you should have a lighter handy. Better not to rely on the old caveman methods for everything.

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