Affordable Picnic Utensils

An evening out with friends and family at the park is all you need to chase your worries away. And, what’s better is if you have a soft picnic blanket, a wide range of picnic food and music. If you are thinking of bringing together your friends and their kids for a picnic at the park this weekend, then there is one additional item you should add to the list. And that is sustainable and eco friendly cutlery.

That’s right, you can skip the plastic cutlery that is only going to end up in the ocean. And, metal cutlery can be heavy on your picnic basket as well. So, what’s the alternative? Bamboo cutlery, of course! Its lightweight and comes with several additional benefits!

Bamboo Cutlery For Your Next Picnic – Why Make the Investment

Let’s have a look at why Bamboo cutlery from My Little Panda is the best choice for your picnic trip.

1.      They’re Hygienic and Toxin Free

Most wooden cutlery sets and utensils have a bitter after taste. But, not the ones from My Little Panda. The lunch sets and cutlery from here are free of any chemicals and sealants. They’re safe for toddlers as well! And they look great when placed on your vibrant picnic blanket. You’re sure to get a lot of instagrammable pictures.

2.      They Can Be Disposed Off Or Reused

My Little Panda has bamboo cutlery options that are disposable as well as reusable. For disposable sets, you can ask your guests to throw the bamboo cutlery into a trash bag after use. This can then be recycled or added to your compost - the bamboo cutlery from My Little Panda is 100% biodegradable.

For the recyclable sets, you can wash and reuse them. They’re dishwasher safe and quite durable.

Picnic at the park with bamboo cutlery

3.      You Can Cook With Them

Bamboo cutlery and utensils can withstand high temperatures. You can thus use them to cook as well. If you have a portable stove that you wish to take to your picnic trip, then you can use the lightweight bamboo utensils to heat up your picnic food as well.

At My Little Panda, you can access a wide range of bamboo cutlery at the most affordable rates. And since they are biodegradable, they reap a high return on investment as well. They won’t pollute the environment, instead, they can be recycled and used in compost. Stock up on the disposable bamboo cutlery before they run out. Click here to place your order today. We have a fast turnaround, so you can expect your order to reach your doorstep the next day.

Get Your Picnic Basket Ready!

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do next is visit My Little Panda and purchase your desired cutlery set today! We also have toddler sets that are easy to grip. They’re designed for babies going through the painful teething process – you can now get them to eat their favourite food with minimal disturbance and pain. In addition, if you plan on hosting a garden party or a picnic party theme for your kids’ birthday, you can give My Little Panda's personal lunch sets to everyone as a giveaway. You can even have their names engraved on them, making it a thoughtful party favour.

Check out our Eating on the Go collection for more detail. Click here to browse through the wide range of items. All of our products are SGS certified and sustainable. They are designed by UK students and assembled in the UK – we take strict adherence to British specifications. Your health and safety is what we prioritize the most!

For more information, visit our website. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch by sending us a message on our live chat. Our representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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