Baby shower gifts

There is nothing better than the upcoming arrival of a new baby to provide an occasion for a celebration! Baby showers have traditionally only been customary in North America and Australia, but recent years have seen their popularity spread to the UK - a trend we very much support!

Pregnancy showers provide expectant mothers with a unique opportunity to relax, have a good time, and spend time with their friends and family. Additionally to family bonding, the purpose of a baby shower is to assist parents-to-be with the purchase of the numerous supplies they will need for the birth and early development of their child. Even though it is little known, the term "baby shower" was first used to indicate that an expectant mother should receive gifts in recognition of her pregnancy. If you are planning to attend a baby shower, bringing a nice gift is a must. When choosing the right gift, it can be difficult, and there are many factors to consider when shopping around. Here are our top tips for choosing a gift for a Mummy-to-be:

Make a lasting impression with a gift that lasts.

There is no doubt that newborn baby clothes are one of the most common gifts given to expectant mothers. Despite the fact that tiny baby shoes are adorable, they do not make good gifts due to their limited lifespans. Typically, newborns grow at a rapid rate and will not be able to fit into their first set of clothing after only a couple of months. Consequently, instead of selecting gifts with such a short shelf life, we recommend choosing items that the infant can enjoy both during and after their first year. The use of cutlery is an excellent example. An elegant, well-crafted cutlery set can be used for a variety of purposes, such as feeding a baby or teaching them to feed themselves. So, both the mother and the child can make use of them in a wide range of situations. The natural cutlery set made from 100% olive wood includes a cashmere like bamboo bib and a hemp pouch coloured from natural dyes in a range of adorable colours and can be personalised - the ideal way to smother a little one in luxury. 

 Baby shower gifts, personalised olive wood cutlery setThis unique baby shower gift, is not avaliable in any online marketplaces (Amazon, esty etc)

Treat the expectant mother.

In spite of the fact that tradition dictates that gifts be given to the soon-to-arrive baby, there is nothing wrong with surprising the expectant mother with a gift instead! The majority of baby showers take place during the third trimester of a woman's pregnancy, so a little treat is likely to be just the thing she needs as her body grows increasingly achy and fatigued. We recommend choosing items that will allow the expectant mother to relax and unwind when shopping for her. Mum loves a good cup of tea, so treat her to a match tea set, a great accessory to help her unwind after a busy day.

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