Bamboo Cutlery is a Real Solution, Not to Some Imaginary Problem Invented for Marketing Reasons

Bamboo cutlery is a solution, not to some imaginary problem invented for marketing reasons, but to the genuine issue of plastic pollution in our environment. It's an elegant, ethical alternative to plastic cutlery, which has no place in an eco-friendly future.
We've all used paper plates and disposable cutlery at parties and picnics. They're part of the fun, reinforcing the idea that we're living in the moment. The paper plates are less of an environmental issue because they're biodegradable, but plastic cutlery is a genuine eco-threat.
The problem with plastic is that it never goes away. It just breaks down into tiny pieces of microplastic, which pollute our seas and the air we breathe. Throw plastic cutlery away, and it's out of sight and out of mind, but the time has come to stop thinking in those terms.

The Benefits of Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is a solution, not to some imaginary problem inventedThere are three good reasons why bamboo is a better material for kitchen utensils, picnicware or party supplies than the alternatives. Those reasons are biodegradability, reusability, and sustainability. Bamboo offers all three.

The overwhelming advantage a bamboo flatware set has over plastic is that it's biodegradable. Yes, you can use plastic cutlery again, but a lot of it is casually thrown away. Bamboo is reusable and decomposes after you do finally put it in the bin.

What about wooden cutlery? Wood is biodegradable and reusable, so it's a better choice than plastic, but it's less durable than bamboo and more prone to staining and splintering. Plus, bamboo is a grass which is more sustainable than wood and produces 40% more oxygen than trees. It reduces CO₂ in the air at a higher rate, so is an ally against global warming.

Paper, of course, also comes from trees and is biodegradable. But those paper plates we use (non-recyclable) are wasteful in that they're single-use and come from a less sustainable source.

A Question of Taste

Speaking of taste, does bamboo picnic cutlery leave any aftertaste in the mouth? Aside from being ethical, products from My Little Panda are stylish, tasteful and fun. Speaking of taste, does bamboo picnic cutlery leave any aftertaste in the mouth? The answer is no.

Plastic products used with food and drink are notorious for adversely affecting the taste. This is a separate issue as to whether or not they contain BPA, a chemical which seeps into food and that is potentially harmful to health. Clearly, you get none of this with bamboo.

Unlike plastic or metal, natural bamboo lets you enjoy the flavour of your food and allows it to linger unspoiled once you've finished eating. It won't ruin the taste during or after your meal. 

Great Taste and Zero Waste

My Little Panda takes great care over branding and design, so the products you buy are always enjoyable and practical in equal measure. In keeping with the company's ethical message, all items come in zero-waste packaging. The disposable bamboo cutlery set includes an eco-friendly reusable bag.

So many products on the market are ethically sound in one way and not another. Bamboo cutlery is unequivocal in the good that it does. My Little Panda offers a fun range of products that go some small way to improving the world—your world!

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