BBQ Party Plan: How to Make It More Sustainable?

If you think living a sustainable life means letting go of summer BBQ parties, we can change your mind.

Grilling outside might not be an environmentally-safe way to cook. However, you can take a greener route by adopting healthier, cleaner, and plastic-free habits. This article gives your BBQ efforts a new direction through mindful choices.

Let’s begin.

What to Cook: Local and Fresh Produce

Fresh produce beats pre-packaged, plastic-wrap products any time. It minimises wastage, tastes better, and brings more nutritious value to your sizzling backyard party.  

Therefore, you should consider swapping pre-marinated food with organic substitutes.  There are two ways to go about this. You can either choose a fully vegan-based menu to reduce your carbon footprint.

The selection can include local veggies you can grill like:

  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Corn in the cob
  • Eggplant
  • Red onions

Apart from this, hosts that want meaty options can use grass-fed and free-range products. Grilled fish can also be a healthier and more eco-focused choice for your mouth-watering menu. 

For example, you can have a beach theme without stepping outside the yard with a surf and turf menu. Swordfish, halibut, and monkfish are the top BBQ fish options.

When cooked and charred well, these tasty treats can become a guest-favourite.

How to Cook: Gas BBQ vs. Charcoal vs. Solar Grills

There are countless debates on the best way to barbeque food. Charcoal and gas BBQ grills are often head-to-head.

Most user choices depend on budget, carbon emissions and the size of the grill when you’re picking something for the yard. Fuel, charcoal and wood often release more smoke and burns faster than BBQ gas tanks. Yet, they are both guilty of harming our planet.  That’s why we recommend renewable grids or solar cookers for smaller gatherings.

You can get a good sear on your meat and perfectly charred veggies with a strategically designed solar grill.  Early preparation and overnight marination can cut down prep time during the party. In turn, this can make your eco-friendly choice hassle-free.

BBQ Bamboo cutlery

BBQ Area Prep and Clean Up: Recycle and Reuse

Make a sustainable statement with bamboo cutlery for your barbeque party.  My Little Panda provides handcrafted disposable forks, spoons, and knives.

  • Are you planning a big BBQ event?

You can grab a party pack for thirty people here and one for a gathering of twelve here.  Purchase extra packages for bigger parties. These products lower your carbon footprint and require minimum effort on your part.

  • Are you going to serve cocktails and mocktails?

Skip single-use plastics with compostable bamboo straw bundles here.  You can keep a mini straw collection tray to reuse them for another party. We also offer personalisation services for engraving these sustainable straws. Use them as party favours for your swag bags when you throw a BBQ-style birthday bash, wedding, anniversary, or another milestone event.

In addition to this, you can pick a heat-resistant tong here and cooking utensils here for the actual barbecuing process. Investing in eco-friendly products protects the planet, and it’s lighter on the wallet too. You won’t have to shop again for disposables for the next party. They only require a good wash and air-drying for reuse.

Moreover, you can keep your BBQ area eco-centric with recyclable bins and bags. Label them to collect glass bottles and other waste to ensure they don’t wind up in a landfill. 

Ready for Your garden BBQ Party?

Give your BBQ area an environmentally-safe makeover with the right cutlery, cookware, grill and menu. Your thoughtful decisions reduce carbon emissions, plastic waste and the consumption of non-renewable products. In turn, you transform summer parties into a cleaner, greener affair.

My Little Panda promises to provide sustainable, thoughtful, and stylish products for your BBQ party. Our heat-proof items can take the high temperatures and work well for various food options.

That means you won’t be compromising on the cookout experience by being more mindful.

Let’s shop here.

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