BBQ Safety Tips: How to Grill in Your Yard?

Congratulations, you’re in charge of the BBQ grill!

However, you’ve got to remember that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Navigating the BBQ area can be challenging for amateurs and experienced chefs alike. You never know what sort of mishap may occur when there are flames involved. Due to this, you become the unofficial superhero of the summer party overlooking mission impossible—cooking food without burning it!

This article gives you an overview of ways to stay safe for your next backyard barbeque party. We discuss how you can equip yourself with the right tools and adhere to safety codes while grilling in your yard.

Here are some essential things you should know:

Safety Rule 1: Take the BBQ Outdoors

Open spaces are an integral part of your BBQ area.  The rainy season might tempt you to cook under a shade in the garage, patio, or garden shed. It isn’t a wise idea.

That’s because closed spaces can cause smoke and gas to build up when the grill gets hot. The situation can escalate. When left unattended when you’re using a gas BBQ tank or a similar setup, these grill stations can catch fire, or the propane tank can blow up with a mini-explosion.

We recommend watching signs of a blowout to take precautionary measures in real-time.

Safety Rule 2: Use Heat-Resistant Gear

No matter how careful you are, charcoal-powered flames can flare up from time to time. Gas BBQ grills are equally unpredictable. Due to this, you should consider fire-proofing your cooking zone. This includes equipment used during the cookout.

For instance, plastic spatulas and tongs are wasteful and damage-prone. Frequent exposure to high temperatures can cause the surface to become distorted. Consequently, you’ll have to throw the utensils out sooner than later.

Stainless steel products can be more hard-wearing, but they can feel clunky during usage. They can also get hot faster than other utensils. In contrast, bamboo cooking utensils here and tongs here are much safer. Our handcrafted products are lightweight, come with a sturdy grip, and are heat-proof. Moreover, they are easy to wash and maintain.

These characteristics make them a must-have for your grilling ventures. Additionally, you should wear safety gloves and an inflammable apron to protect yourself.

Using bamboo tongs

Safety Rule 3: Set a Stable and Isolated BBQ Station Safety

Place your grill at a safe distance from the house and garage. You have the surety that any unexpected flare-up won’t harm your home. You’re also supposed to select a levelled spot with adequate space for serving food or arranging your barbequed meal.

Here are other things to keep in mind?

  • Avoid overhead branches and fallen leaves as they might add fuel to the fire.
  • Don’t put flimsy decor and flammable decorations near the BBQ area as they might fall into the grill.
  • Ensure your grilling station isn’t wooden and the grill doesn’t wobble when cooking food.
  • Keep your station away from the play area or heavy foot traffic to ensure neither you nor the guests come in each other’s way.

Safety Rule 4: Clean & Maintain Your Grill

Your grill accumulates residual traces of fatty acids and grease while you cook. You need to scrub everything off before adding the starter fluid. Otherwise, your food will not receive direct heat when you place it on the grill.  That’s because the greasy layer reduces the intensity of the heat radiating from the burning charcoal.

Alternatively, grit, dirt, and oil residues can ignite a flame when you begin cooking. Allow the grill to cool off before you clean it to minimise mishaps.

1,2, 3… Let’s Crank the Heat and Grill!

Maintaining the grill, setting it up properly, and staying alert during cooking are three aspects of BBQ safety. Also, ensure that your cooking station isn’t placed next to any flammable objects or fire hazards. Working with the proper, heat-proof cooking utensils also simplifies the process. It helps you master grilling without mishaps and manages to reduce your carbon footprint too.

So it’s a win-win cookout for everyone involved!

Do you think it’s too soon for summer party ideas? Plan in advance and start shopping for sustainable BBQ cutlery and cooking utensils.

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