Benefits of the Bamboo Lunch Set for Workspaces

The Bamboo lunch set is the perfect product to reduce waste and increase sustainability in the workplace. The nature of the bamboo wood utensils is that they are reusable and can work for multiple tasks.

What’s more, you can do your part to keep the UK cleaner and greener with this small step. Today, an estimated 4.25 billion single use cutlery are dispose of per year in England alone, UK government reports in this article. Learn more - click here This makes the UK a major contributor to the plastic waste problem polluting the world.

Here are the myriad benefits that you’ll get from adopting the Bamboo lunch set for your workplace.

Benefits of Using the Bamboo Lunch Set in Your Workspace

The benefits of using wooden utensils in the workplace go beyond simply keeping the environment greener. With the Bamboo Lunch Set, you’ll be using utensils which are reusable even after they’re broken or beyond repair.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits of these utensils.


Let’s talk about the most direct benefit first. The Bamboo Lunch Set from My Little Panda is extremely clean and hygienic. It doesn’t attract sticky materials as plastic does. It’s also very well designed so as to not attract waste in nooks and crannies.

Wooden cutlery also doesn’t alter the taste or pollute the food. Plastic is now so widespread that microplastics can be found in every single human being, even babies. With wooden utensils, you can improve hygiene locally and even globally. You can reduce the exposure to plastics around you and for yourself.

The nature of the Bamboo set is that it can be used to eat anything from piping hot dishes to cold dishes without breaking. It won’t heat up and melt in the microwave. It won’t alter the texture of any food that you serve with it, whether it’s fast food or rice.

The lunch set is also incredibly easy to wash. It’s dishwasher friendly which means you can just stick it into your dishwasher with the other plates and trays you have. It won’t break or rot after contact with water.

At the workplace, you won’t need to keep buying plastic cutlery repeatedly for your employees. If you give each one of them a set, you’ll be able to minimize waste for months or even year.  

Reusable Utensils (Sustainability)

The sustainability aspect doesn’t just play into this once. Since the Bamboo Lunch Set is made from locally sourced materials and reused materials, you’re already conserving materials. Plus, the utensils are reusable for hundreds if not thousands of meals every single year.

The set contains a knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks and more which you can use for any meal. They’re sturdy and designed for minimum effort and maximum comfort. The utensils are also made to be lightweight which means they’re designed for travel.

Stylish and Environmentally Conscious

The Bamboo set is also very stylish and will appeal to the young generation of employees. Millennials and Gen Z are both extremely conscious about the environment. They want their workplaces to embrace clean and green practices so that they can feel good about working there.

Not only that, but they want their companies to support sustainable practices which make a real difference. Simple slogans and mottos won’t do what actual action can. You can merge the message of using reusable cutlery with sustainability at your workplace as well.

Also, you can encourage your employees to adopt similar practices at their home. By encouraging the use of wooden cutlery at work, you can encourage them to adopt these same practices in their personal lives.

women walking holding bamboo lunch set

Multi-Use Utensils (Lunch, Dinner, Picnics)

One of the biggest benefits of getting these utensils is that they can be used for any meal. Their lightweight design means that they can be used for anything from lunch, dinner, and picnics as well. These events are often great opportunities for your employees to get to know each other. You can take these utensils along for these events.

You can even take them for camping for a longer work trip which requires reusable materials. That way, you won’t pollute any of the natural landscape.

The set is also pocketable since they come with a hemp pouch which is covered with natural dyes. You can also choose different colours for the sets including Citrus, Fairy Tale, Platinum, and my personal favourite, Rainbow. 

The My Little Panda Bamboo Lunch Set is the Perfect for a Sustainable Workplace

The Bamboo Lunch set is made in the style of Japanese bamboo. It is perfect to take along for lunch, dinner, or for camping. It is lightweight, reusable, and dishwasher safe. It’s the perfect reusable cutlery you can use for any meal.

The set comes complete with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks along with other utensils. You also get a handy hemp carrying case with the set so you can easily carry it wherever you go. 

We use the Courgette font and our My Little Panda logo for the product by default. However, you can order the product with custom logos and fonts as you wish to suit your company. This will make the product completely your own. It will carry your brand and mark on it and can become part of your company culture and identity.

My Little Panda’s Bamboo Lunch Set is made from all natural, locally sourced sustainable materials. Our products have received the SGS certificate. It is designed by UK students. The set is assembled in the UK adhering to British specifications. We also provide fast turnaround which is why we can promise next day delivery to our customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt the right sustainable practices for your workplace today. Do what is best for your community, country, and your world. Buy the Bamboo Lunch Set today!

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