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Garden parties are sure to be on the agenda for the coming few months. Especially as the spring season arrives. Who doesn’t like spending time outdoors among nature where you can enjoy a cold glass of iced tea with some tea cakes and mini sandwiches. However, there’s no denying that arranging a garden party can end up being stressful - especially if you’re the host. If you have to arrange a garden party soon and are worried about what garden party ideas to go for, then this is the place that can help solve all your concerns.

To learn more about some exciting garden party ideas and materials to invest in, read ahead. 

Garden Party Ideas

Here are some unique and innovative garden party ideas that you can opt for.

1.     DIY Drink Station

You can go for a DIY drink station. From having a self-serve station, to a designated space where your friends and family members can make their own drinks, all add to the fun and thrill. Matcha for instance tastes best when served immediately. Thus, instead of making it before hand, you can place the ingredients along with a Japanese matcha tea kit here. This is sure to make the matcha tea frothy and delicious, making anyone fall in love with matcha.

2.     Garden Party Giveaways

To make your garden party even more exciting and memorable, you can give your guests a little present or giveaway. This can be their very own bamboo reusable chopsticke here or bamboo straws here. You can get affordable ones from My Little Panda. They come in a set of 10 pairs for £6.99!! It is barely going to cost anything for your garden party. Your guests can use them while enjoying the yummy treats and snacks at the garden party.

You can even have customized hemp pouches engraved with a personalized name for each guest. This personal giveaway present is surely going to be the highlight of your garden party.

The engraving on the hemp pouches is done at our London office. Hence, you can expect quick delivery, just in time for your garden party. The font used is Courgette but you can customise this by picking your desired font or logo. Get in touch with us via our email-live chat and have this idea ticked off your checklist within minutes.

3.     Nature Lovers Theme – Spread Awareness

You can even have a theme for your garden party. One such theme can be about sustainability and the dire need to help preserve the environment. From having sustainable products and décor items, to even handing out brochures and flyers raising awareness on climate change and eco-friendly consumer habits - all can help play a part in creating a better world for future generations.

Garden party cutlery

Why Invest In My Little Panda’s Natural Cook Wear And Kitchen Ware

Why should you invest in the bamboo products from My Little Panda? Well, the answer is quite simple. Here are the top reasons why our products are worth it in the long run.

They are Reusable and Hygienic

The bamboo cutlery here can also be reused. It is dishwasher safe and easy to use. And, unlike other wooden cutlery, the spoons and forks made from premium quality bamboo at My Little Panda leave no bitter aftertaste behind. You will be surprised at how durable and lightweight these utensils are.


Cruelty Free And Environmentally Friendly

The bamboo products at My Little Panda are 100% cruelty free. The disposable bamboo cutlery here is made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable bamboo. You can add it to your compost at home after the garden party comes to an end. Instead of throwing the cutlery away, you can have your guests dispose it into a designated trash bag. Take this bag home and empty its contents into your compost in your backyard. It is sure to help nourish the compost and help your kitchen garden thrive.

Have Your Garden Party Started With A Sustainable Mindset!

You can now host a sustainable and green garden party that is catered to helping preserve the environment and keeping everyone engaged. Start a week in advance and opt for the right materials, especially when it comes to cutlery. Most garden parties lead to a mess, with waste from plastic cutlery, cups, and plates. To avoid this, you can invest in bamboo products at My Little Panda Today! Click here to browse through our range of sustainable cook wear and kitchen wear.

That’s not all, our products are designed by UK students. They are also assembled here, all while keeping British specifications in mind. We also have an SGS certification, making out products original and worth the investment. For more information, visit our website today.

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