Goodwood Festival: Where to Stay and What to Pack?

Goodwood Festival of Speed and the infamous Revival event is one of the most awaited summer season events. It’s a garden party like no other, where visitors dress in their vintage best to watch motorsport racing and horse racing. The event takes you back in time amid the rolling hills and sun-kissed grassland.

As summer inches closer, we recommend reserving a spot at the local camping grounds before it’s too late. You should also know whether you’re taking camping cutlery or relying on plastics and disposables.

This article gives you an insight into the stimulating world of motor racing and horse racing. Additionally, we teach you how to camp in style and sustainably when you reach West Sussex.


The Location: Where Does Goodwood Festival Take Place?

Goodwood Festival takes place at the country house and estate of The Duke of Richmond. It’s located in West Sussex, England. The estate covers approximately 12,000 acres and features manicured green grasses, well-kept stables, and glistening racecourses. You can either drive to the festival or get there by train.

The closest station is at Chichester. After that, you can take a taxi or hitchhike to the racecourses. Attendees can either stay in a local hotel or camp on the ground. Many prefer camping to immerse themselves in the revival spirit fully.

Camping Stations at Goodwood Festival: Where Should You Stay?

Camping grounds at Goodwood Festival are located in the adjacent area. Reserved bookings give you access to 9x7 meters long pitches. You can book a prime spot through advanced booking. It’s why early reservations are recommended for families and friends planning to attend the grand event.

Your options include:

Camping at Goodwood Festival

If you want to embrace the old-school charm of the location, you should camp. The grounds are open for canvas rents and motorhomes. You can choose between non-electric and electric pitches for convenience. There’s also built-in toilet and shower facilities.

Campers opting for the almost DIY expedition can pack bamboo camping cutlery utensils here to cook some tasty food while staying at Sussex during the Goodwood Festival week.

Bamboo cutlery for eating on the go

Do You Prefer Glamping?

Visitors interested in a resort-like treatment might enjoy glamping. The glamorous camping route takes you a short distance away from the Motor Circuit. Here you can choose between a triple-tier glamping arena with classic, luxury, and deluxe bell tent pictures. The pre-furnished setting provides privacy for elite campers.

In addition to this, you have access to comfy and upscale amenities. These include a luxury toilet, shower facilities, electric hook-ups, a spa treatment hub, and a 24/7 concierge team.  We suggest bringing an eco-friendly toothbrush kit here and removable makeup pads here to stay fresh during a busy week.

What If You’re Planning to Stay for a Day?

Guests that only come for single event spectators can still enjoy the festivities in style. You’re allowed to bring a homemade picnic basket or have a grand time indulging in delicious food cooked by in-house caterers. Popular food items include sandwiches, baked goods, and other non-perishable food to appease hungry spectators.

When opting for outdoorsy options, using a 100% bamboo cutlery lunch set here or bundle pack here can benefit you. Our spoons, knives, fork, chopsticks, and bamboo straws here are durable and compostable. There are disposable and bundle packs that you can pick from when going with a group. You can reuse them whenever you want. A handy eating-on-the-go kit makes it possible to grab a bite at Goodwood Festival without a guilty conscience.

Parting Words

The Goodwood Festival captures the competitive spirit of our community and gives us a glance at the good old days. It’s an amalgamation of innovation, English sensibilities, and the joy of watching sports. 

My Little Panda adds sustainability into the mix with our eco-first, handcrafted camping cutlery, travel set and personal care products. Their purposeful design and ethical intent differentiate them from plasticware and picnic plates one might take to the festival.

Are you interested in picking bamboo over plastic? Shop here to prepare for the next summer festival.

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