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One of our favorite window cleaning hacks is to create your own window cleaning solution using simple distilled vinegar, otherwise known as white vinegar. Its acidic composition works efficiently to help break down the streaky film that can accumulate on your windows and other glass surfaces. To clean your windows with your own homemade window cleaner, follow these easy steps:

"create your own window cleaning solution using simple distilled vinegar"

1. Mix one part distilled vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle. 

2. Wipe down the window with a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove dust before you spray your solution, then spray the entire surface.

Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

3. Use your lint-free towel to rub the vinegar mixture and work it into the dirty spots on your window. Feel free to be generous with the amount of cleaner you apply to the cloth or paper towel, but avoid getting any cleaning solutions on the wood, fiberglass or vinyl frames, as they may discolor the finish.

4. Use a second clean cloth to dry your window as thoroughly as possible. You’ll want to do this quickly after cleaning in order to prevent streaks, so if you have multiple windows to clean, it’s best to do them fully one at a time instead of spraying all of them at once.
“No need for chemical solutions in plastic bottles"
5. Rinse with clear water if streaks remain after cleaning.


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