How the NHS Promotes Sustainability

The NHS is an institution that is committed to sustainability just like My Little Panda. Here is what they do in service of sustainability and a healthier planet.

NHS Sustainable Development Management Plan

The NHS has a Sustainable Development Management Plan which outlines its commitments and ambitions. These serve a large group of diverse people in existing and future communities. The practices promote inclusion, social cohesion, and personal wellbeing as well as creating equal opportunity.

The policy at its core supports the awareness of environmental, social, and economical limitations that the UK faces as a society.

Greener NHS Program

The Greener NHS Program is also part of the sustainable development management plan. It recognizes that climate change is a huge threat to health and our planet. The environment is changing, and that change is accelerating further and further. This has a huge consequence on both the patients and the public at large.

The Greener NHS programme works with the staff of the NHS and its partners to build on work being done by national trusts. The programme works to share ideas on how to reduce the impacts of climate change on public health and the environment. It also emphasizes saving money and reach a net carbon zero.

The NHS’ Commitment for a Net Zero Health Service

The NHS became the first health service in the world to commit to reaching carbon net zero in October 2020. This was in direct response to the threats posed by climate change.

A year since the programme, the NHS has reduced its emissions equivalent to powering 1.1 million homes annually. The NHS has both met and exceeded the targets that were set in the Climate Change Act in 2020.

Reducing Cannulation at Charing Cross Hospital

Single use plastics cause 1.4% of the supply chain emissions of the NHS. Committing to a 10% reduction in clinical single use plastics, the NHS has reduced CO2 emissions by 224 kilotons. Here, the main reduction was for unused cannulations. A survey done showed that 40% of the cannulas inserted upon attendance weren’t used.

To reduce this percentage, the team initiated a year long project to reduce this cannulation in the emergency department. The project team designed posters to encourage staff to contemplate before you cannulate. This highlighted both cost, and patient comfort. It also took into account environmental impact.

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Solar Power at Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes hospital has been operating for nearly 40 years now. Is material are energy inefficient and the buildings lose heat in the winter and become too hot in the summer. To reduce energy loss, the NHS recently introduced a green electricity supply.

The hospital has a flat roofing structure which allowed solar electricity panels to be fit to generate energy onsite. LED lighting was also introduced to make the hospital more energy efficient.

Pedal Power for Healthcare Delivery

4% of the NHS carbon footprint comprises of the NHS fleet and business travel. The NHS invested in a single e-bike as a pool bike for all staff to trial for work travel. Electric and hybrid pool cars were also made available to staff.

Route planning was helpful for staff driving to visits. This helped to reduce fuel use and emissions. Now there are 3 e-bikes which are lent to specific clinical teams for their sole use. This saves 2 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Zero Emissions Courier Services

This is a plan for the future which coincides with the creatin of a Clean Air Zone in Newcastle City Centre. There has been a trial of an electric cargo bike courier delivery scheme which temporarily replaces an existing diesel van courier service.

It ran for 20 hours a week transporting medical specimens, laundry and other sundries between NHS services. The service was able to adhere to schedule timings.

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