Invest in This Bamboo Lunch Set to Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Bamboo Lunch Set – A Great Way to Meet Your Corporate Sustainability Goals!

Attention, business owners and managers! Are you spearheading a new corporate sustainability initiative for your company? If yes, you're in for great news because My Little Panda is here to help you implement meaningful change in your organization!

We proudly present our amazing range of eco-friendly bamboo lunch sets here that will minimize waste at work and drive your business towards sustainability!

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about these incredible bamboo lunch sets. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

Bamboo Lunch Set by My Little Panda

Our bamboo lunch set of Japanese-style bamboo flatware is a full complement of reusable and eco-friendly cutlery. It includes a fork, a spoon, a knife with a serrated blade, a straw with a corresponding cleaning brush made from the sisal plant, and two chopsticks. All these pieces are made with sustainable and 100% biodegradable bamboo.

All the items are packed in a hemp pouch that's coloured with natural dyes. The pouch has five inner pockets to hold the cutlery items securely in place. In case you wish to pop in a toothbrush or more cutlery items, there’s more room!

Introducing the Bamboo Lunch Set in Your Office

The eco-friendly bamboo lunch set will surely help you advance your sustainability goals to minimize waste. If you think that's the only benefit they offer your company and employees, think again! Here is a list of the many advantages that you can enjoy with these lunch sets.

1. It's Eco-Friendly

Yes, we did mention this aspect earlier. But since this is such a major advantage of these lunch sets, we believe it deserves a little more space on our blog.

Most of the bamboo grown in various parts of the world is eco-friendly as it doesn't require fertilizers or pesticides. Plus, it needs little water, which further adds to the eco-friendly aspect.

Moreover, bamboo plants can grow up to four feet per day. Thanks to this rapid growth, bamboo can mature in seven years. It doesn't need to be replanted as it has a massive network of roots that constantly sprouts new shoots. This improves soil conditions and prevents soil erosion.

Last but surely not least, bamboo plants release 35% more oxygen into the air as compared to similar-sized trees.

2. No Security Concern

You probably know that UK law doesn't allow you to carry a blade more than 3 inches long without a valid reason. Fortunately, the Bamboo Lunch set doesn't present any security concerns, and you won't be breaking the law if you carry it around with yourself.

3. More Savings

Did you know investing in an eco-friendly Bamboo Lunch Set can also help you reduce costs and maximize profits? Yes, that's true! If all the employees in your company have their own cutlery set, you won't have to spend money to keep purchasing metal cutlery that often ends up missing.

Plus, you don't have to worry about cleaning the cutlery as every person will be responsible for cleaning their own. This means less washing costs and reduced electricity consumption thanks to the reduced running of the dishwasher. Consequently, this can lead to lower CO2 emissions and increased saving in the long run!


4. Better Hygiene

Personal cutlery sets for all employees will also promote better hygiene! Since employees won't be sharing be their forks and spoons with one another, there will be less spread of diseases and viral infections. This means lesser sick leaves and higher productivity!

woman eating

5. No Bitter Aftertaste

The bamboo cutlery set is sanded down and varnished with vegetable oil. Thus, it's splinter-free and smooth to touch.

What's even better is that bamboo has no wooden aftertaste, and it won't change the taste of your food.

Plastic cutlery items are notorious for ruining the taste. Thankfully, you don't get any of this with bamboo cutlery. Unlike metal or plastic, natural bamboo allows you to enjoy the flavour of the food and lets it linger long after you've done eating.

6. It's Customizable

You probably weren't expecting this, but another excellent advantage of the Bamboo Lunch Set is that it's customizable! Employees can get their names or some other text engraved into the cutlery items. This way, they can make their office space more comfortable and personalized!

7. Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only 118g, the Bamboo Lunch Set is portable! Employees can use it at work and also bring it along when they go out for lunch to a restaurant or café.

Last Few Words

So what are you waiting for? Order your eco-friendly bamboo lunch set today to advance your company's sustainability goals and avail the amazing benefits outlined above!

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