Isle of Wight Festival: How to Pack Sustainably for the Music Fest in 2022?

Isle of Wight Festival signals the start of a summer of music and fun in the UK. The island has been hosting this event since the late 1960s. Back when Rock and Roll had taken the music industry by storm. The opening act was led by Bob Dylan, with the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, and other legendary performers gracing the stage after its revival in the early 2000s.


The Newport site gets swarmed with thousands of music enthusiasts for a June 2-3 days event. Most attendees choose camping or glamping arenas to spend the weekend a walking distance away from the main arena.  Alternatively, you can drop by on the main day to catch your favourite acts perform.

The question is whether you can keep these crowded sites clean and eco-friendly. Learning how to pack sustainably ensures that you achieve these goals without any fuss. We share a checklist for camping cutlery, clothes, and travel essentials.

We selected each item to support your interest in leaving no traces behind after you leave the venue.  Consequently, these tips allow you to live in the moment. That way, you can enjoy the music instead of worrying about where to toss the rubbish.

Let’s begin.

How to Pack Sustainably for Isle of Wight Festival 2022?

The festival has become a yearly celebration of rock, pop, and electronic musicals. Everyone from the headline acts to supporting bands brings their A-game to the stage. In addition to the entertainment, audiences can enjoy local refreshments, tons of rides, and the company of music-loving fans.

Isle of Wight Festival also happens to be one of the feat music fests that have a kid-friendly area for families. There’s one small catch—you need to reserve tickets to book the family spots early on as they cover a limited space.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered let’s focus on learning to pack sustainably for a summer music fest in the UK.


Get Organized

Are you planning camping or glamping during the Isle of Wight music festival? Sort out your luggage in the beginning to prevent last-minute holdups. Create categories for your things-to-pack list to ensure you have everything at hand.

For example, you must have pack:

  • Weather-friendly clothes
  • A pouch for toiletries
  • Camping cutlery to eat on-the-go
  • Tent setup and repair equipment
  • First aid kit to treat minor mishaps
  • Non-perishable snacks (like crisps, cookies, nuts, and fruits)

Other than that, you need miscellaneous items like an emergency torch for nighttime, a portable charger, and other travel essentials.

Don’t Forget Your Toiletries

Many people remember to pack deodorants, makeup kits, and accessories. Learning to pack sustainably means adding reusable items here to the list. Our bamboo toothbrush travel case here comes with a toothbrush, its case, and charcoal dental floss.

Our plant-based products reduce plastic usage when you’re on this trip.

 Reusable bamboo pads

Take Camping Cutlery to Eat-on-the Go

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay at the Isle of Wight Festival. You’re going to get peckish. Additionally, you should stay hydrated while you stand under the open skies.

Whether you decide to bring a portable BBQ grill or try tasty treats from the stall, you’ll need spoons, forks, and knives. We ease your worry about plastics with our bamboo-based cutlery sets. There are chopsticks and bamboo straws that lower your impact on the planet.

 Our personalised camping cutlery collection here is:

  • Washable and reusable
  • Easy-to-grip
  • Portable

Plus, you can carry them in a naturally-dyed hemp pouch that makes it easier to take them around. Group bundles and multi-sized bamboo straws for larger parties and individual use. Make the most of these versatile offerings to ensure comfort and convenience doesn’t get compromised when you stay at the Isle of Wight festival.

Dress for the Weather 

Since it’s a summer event, we advise you to pack (and wear) light, breathable clothes. Put on a hat and sunnies to beat the scorching heat. The evenings under the stars can be breezy. It’s why you should consider adding outwear (like a denim jacket or light shrug) too.

What if it rains? You never know when the skies go grey in summers. You can opt for a casual look by wearing flip-flops or bringing wellies for your music fest trip. These footwear choices will make you feel more comfortable when you’re out in the rain for hours.

Let’s Pack Sustainably!

In the end, don’t pack too much to the Isle of Wight festival. We recommend making a category-based list and cutting off non-essential items. Having some help from My Little Panda is another way to adopt a zero-waste policy. We have a vast collection of camping cutlery for personal usage and party-goers.

The hardy lunch sets that last for years can become a trusty travel companion whenever you head to a music fest.

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