Leeds Festival Essentials: 3 Smart & Sustainable Tips for Campers

Whether you are a first-time attendee or regular at the Leeds Festival, you might have heard about its sustainable change initiative

The 3-day live music event aims to preserve the picturesque green spaces of Bramham Park by promoting zero-waste and no-plastic policies.  That means event planners request attendees to keep the fields free from non-biodegradable, environmentally harmful rubbish. We teach you how to support Leeds Fest’s eco-conscious endeavours through sustainable tips.

Here’s what you can do:

Carry a Bamboo Camping Cutlery Set

When you’re out camping in the Yorkshire countryside, you won’t find any corner shops to grab forks and spoons. That’s why packing a personal bamboo cutlery set here can be a life-saver.

Our sets have the standard utensils (aka a fork, spoon, and knife). Plus, something extra (bamboo straw and chopsticks) for adventurous foodies. The budget-friendly camping cutlery pack can handle hot and cold food to support versatile usage. 

More importantly, the set comes with colourful naturally-dyed hemp pouches. You can easily slip it into your backpack when you attend the Leeds Festival. Their pocket-friendly design allows you to satisfy food cravings without getting your hands dirty!

Say No to Plastic with Reusable Bamboo Straws

The hot and humid conditions are part of the annual Leeds Fest. Attendees often bring reusable water bottles to beat the heat. Yet, this isn’t enough when you spend hours under the sun. 

Therefore, we recommend investing in reusable bamboo straws here. Our multi-sized packs are versatile, durable, and sustainable. They allow you to enjoy a bevvy of refreshing drinks. More importantly, you won’t have to reposition the straw every time you move.

Like the camping cutlery set, they come in a reusable hemp pouch. The organic casing protects straws from dust and germs when not in use.

Lady eating with bamboo cutlery at camping

Camping with Friends: Stock-Up on Disposable Cutlery Sets

If you’re camping at Leeds Festival with friends and family, you might want to upgrade your cutlery set. These disposable options here are excellent.

The party pack caters to a group of ten with a knife, spoon, and fork per person. You’ll get a naturally-dyed hemp pouch for easy storage and travel.

Perks of Packing Plastic Alternatives for Leeds Fest

A simple swap can support the environment-focused initiatives Leeds Festival promotes on its official website. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of these sustainable tips:

  • Zero-waste plastic will ensure the camping site and arena are not buried in rubbish at the end of the event
  • Zero-waste plastic will ensure the camping site and arena are not buried in rubbish at the end of the event
  • These sustainable tips minimise your carbon footprint
  • Our lightweight bamboo camping cutlery sets for Leeds Festival are easier to carry than clunky stainless steel utensils
  • You can reuse the same camping cutlery set instead of carrying multiple packets of plastic counterparts
  • Our solid bamboo camping cutlery sets won’t bend or break—allowing you to reuse the same set instead of consuming multiple plastic products

Lastly, these mindful practices allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.  

Are You Ready for Your Next Leeds Festival?

If camping and jamming to live music are your things, you’ll love the Leeds Fest. The three-day event promises to be memorable for rock, metal, and hip-hop fans. Use our sustainable tips to make the experience more meaningful. Our camping cutlery sets and bamboo straws can last for yearly trips to Leeds. That’s because they are easy to pack, carry, and clean.

We hope that you continue adopting environmentally-safe habits to live mindfully and ethically as we work towards building a greener future for the next generation.

Shop for more eco-conscious camping essentials hereAlso, don’t forget to pack health and personal care products when you’re prepping for your trip.

Have fun!

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