Meat is The New Threat to Our Planet, Just Like Plastic

In her latest release, renowned wildlife and natural history presenter, Liz Bonnin, has sent the world into a panic after revealing the worrying impact of meat on our planet.

This shouldn't be a surprise, as data from the IPCC and FAO already revealed the impact of the global livestock industry when it comes to greenhouse gases. Livestock is responsible for the emission of more polluting gases than the world's entire transport industry.

From an Amazon perspective, the beef industry is the leading cause of deforestation. Last summer, it was estimated that deforestation was occurring at the rate of five football pitches every minute. And it's not just hurting the environment; deforestation is also rendering wildlife homeless.

The celebrated animal biologist rose to fame after her award-winning documentary, dubbed 'Drowning in Plastic,' which exposed severe havoc. Plastic pollution is slowly eating our planet.

But at least for plastics, there are remedies in place already. Besides recycling, sustainable products are proving to be worthy alternatives to plastics; for example, natural cutlery. In the market, you will find bamboo cutlery, including bamboo straws, bamboo travel sets (cutlery), and bamboo sporks, among others. I'm sure you won't miss steel knives if you choose the vegan way of life, as there is also vegan cutlery made from natural products.

For the meat industry, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how hard we try, we can't all be vegans; that's a fact. But at least there are several concerned parties which are coming up with alternatives.

Carbon farming is now in adoption, and among the efforts in place are feed additives which reduce methane gas released during belching. We've also seen the use of portholes on cows. The journalist also explored lab-made chicken nuggets, which is a promising alternative to meat.

While these efforts are yielding results, it's not enough considering our massive appetite for meat.

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