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Picnics in the park and fish and chips on the beach is what the British summer is all about. However, for those of us that care about the environment, sometimes getting out and enjoying the great outdoors can be problematic.

"Discover the earth-saving benefits of switching to natural bamboo camping cutlery for eating on the go."

After all while there is nothing better than enjoying our time outside, eating on the go can create a great deal of waste. Refuse that ends up directly or indirectly polluting our environment, degrading the ecosystem, and ultimately poisoning our world. 


Now, you may think that using one plastic straw, or fish and chip fork will do no harm. However, multiply that by the millions thrown away every day and it's easy to see why there is an estimated 14 billion pounds of plastic in oceans worldwide.

Of course, this is the essential problem for those of us that love to eat out, in restaurants, from street food stalls and at picnics. We want to enjoy the full experience, but we also want to do so without doing damage to the earth. The good news is that there is an easy solution to this problem. It's using natural bamboo cutlery for eating on the go. A subject that you can find out all about in the post below.

Cutlery Set for Picnics at My Little Panda

Bamboo is environmentally friendly. It may seem pretty obvious, but the number one reason to use natural bamboo cutlery is that it is an environmentally friendly option. The reason for this is that it can be grown successfully without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. It's also very fast-growing, which means there is plenty to go around. 

Additionally, harvesting Bamboo is not the same as cutting down established trees for wood. Something that can lead to all sorts of environmental issues, including deforestation and global warming. This is because Bamboo is a grass, and its leaves can be harvested while the core of the plant stays intact and continues to grow. 

Finally, when it does come time to replace your Natural Bamboo Cutlery, there is no need for it to end up in a landfill. This is because it is 100% biodegradable. Something that means you can use it to top up your compost heap and provide nutrients to your home crops instead of making more life clogging waste that the planet will struggle to get rid of. 

 Cutlery Set in a Reusable Bag at My Little Panda

Bamboo is Robust Despite being a natural product, Bamboo is incredibly robust, which makes it ideal for being used, washed and reused over and over again. In fact, Bamboo cutlery can be a lot more durable than items made from plastic or other woods. 

It's not just their robustness that makes them so popular though, because as well as being strong, they are also incredibly comfortable to use. After all, environmental benefits aside, cutlery items need to be functional to be successful. Ideal for camping.

Bamboo is resistant to odours and stains Some people may initially be hesitant about swapping to eco cutlery made from Bamboo. The reason is that they worry about how sanitary using eating implements made from wood are. 

The good news is that Bamboo is actually ideal for cutlery because it's resistant to stains and odours. It's resistant to heat and water as well, which means you can easily clean in thoroughly and reuse with no issue whatsoever. 

Bamboo has a smooth finish Other folks worry that utensils made from Bamboo will not be as pleasing to use as one made from smooth plastic or shiny metal. After all, cutlery is not just held in the hands but also placed inside the mouth, and no one wants a lip full of splinters while they are enjoying their favourite lunch or snack. 

Fortunately, Bamboo is a truly remarkable natural material, and it will stay smooth throughout use. Also, be reassured that Bamboo does not become porous the longer you use it. Therefore there is no need to worry about it sucking up flavours, odours or colours either.

Additionally, utensils made from Bamboo are crafted in such a way that both holding them, and eating from them is a pleasurable experience. 

The studies also point out that in terms of pollutants such as trace metals, the River Thames is cleaner than it used to be - but it's still not clean enough."

Bamboo cutlery is affordable Probably on the best things about natural bamboo cutlery is that you can access all of the benefits without paying through the nose. 

In fact, recently, lunch sets, compact lunch sets, and sets for children have all hit the market at a very affordable price. Especially considering you get to use them time and time again.

Bamboo has an attractive appearance The stylistas among you needn't worry about ruining your street cred by choosing bamboo utensils rather than plastic or metal ones either. In fact, the wood itself is a light, fresh tone, and sets are crafted to be stylish as well as functional. 

Many sets even come with their very own travel bag. An item you can get in a range of colours so match your home decor, lunchbox, or even your outfit if you so choose! 

 Pack of 30 Bamboo cutlery at My Little Panda

Final thoughts  With all of this in mind, if you are an eco-conscious individual looking for cutlery to use on the go, bamboo utensils are a great choice. This is because not only are they pleasing to use, but that they look great and perform admirably as well. In fact, unlike plastic or metal cutlery, bamboo utensils are robust, reusable, and sustainable. They are also light enough to take with you wherever you go. Something that makes a natural bamboo cutlery ideal for eating on the go.

At My Little Panda, we're not here to tell you that you need to change your lifestyle. Instead, we believe that one of the best ways to reduce plastic waste is to reduce our use of plastic altogether. Using biodegradable products and bamboo not only do better for the environment, but they are reusable, saving your wallet at the same time.

Cutlery can be engraved for events. Contact our events specialists by e-mail at or over the phone at 0203 961 7985. At every step of the way, we will assist you and ensure your team has an excellent experience. Contact Us

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