New Forest Camping Guide for Young Campers: Everything You Need to Know

“Encourage your child to have muddy, grassy or sandy feet by the end of each day. That’s the childhood they deserve.” ~ Penny Whitehouse

Planning a New Forest camping trip should be on your bucket list if you believe natural playgrounds are beneficial for growing minds. The fresh air, green spaces, and lively ambience will awaken their senses. As they explore the great outdoors, you can teach them freedom, compassion, and environmental safety lessons.

Families residing in London or a few kilometres away from New Forest, Hampshire, can benefit from the proximity. All you’ve got to pack our travel essentials; camping cutlery, refillable water bottle, healthy trail snack, extra clothes, and tents.

In less than three hours, you and your young campers will reach your destination.

The Location: Where’s New Forest Camping Park?

New Forest camping holidays are popular amongst nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and families based in London and neighbouring cities. The protected New Forest National Park covers more than 560 square kilometres.

It’s a well-preserved forest tree, blooms, and other fauna. There’s ample space for pitching tents and enjoying picnics under the sky. You can also stroll in the village to take in the old-school British architecture and distinctive designs.

New Forest Camping for Children: What Should You Do?

New Forest camping sites give you the best of nature with tall trees, gushing rivers, and a beach within walking distance. The area features multiple camping spots to pitch your tent. Alternatively, you can opt for the more comfortable glamping option.

Here are our top picks for family-friendly sites in Hampshire:

  • Hollands Wood.

Enjoy open grounds and tent pitches surrounded by greenery and trees.

  • Ashurst Camping Site

Ashurst camping grounds ensure campers have access to proper plumbing and necessary amenities.

  • Cashel

If you want to camp closer to the water, you should pitch a tent at Cashel. The camping sites are right next to the alluring Loch Lomond.

  • Bracelands

Safari tents and glamping pods await your presence in these luxury camping grounds.

Overall, New Forest camping sites are the perfect mix of adventure, whimsical woodland trails, and nights under the stars. Make the trip fun for young campers by sharing spooky stories, toasting, and marshmallows.

What Should You Do During the Day?

Bringing children on the trip requires a reasonable amount of planning and preparation. New Forest camping sites are the perfect spot for this nature-oriented adventure. The green spaces surround the quintessential villages, small towns, farms, and family-friendly adventure parks nearby.

Therefore, young campers will have many things to do during the day.

Here are our suggestions:

  • You can go on a bicycle trail that stretches over a hundred miles around the winding paths of the forest.
  • If your kids enjoy the water, you can book a canoeing and kayaking lesson to paddle and splash on the Beaulieu River Nature Reserve.
  • Older children can zip through a trail of tall trees on the adrenaline-pumping rope course.
  • Teach young campers survival skills (like building a den, lighting the perfect campfire, and foraging) by scheduling your visit on Woodland Adventure Days.
  • Visit farms and local petting zoos to help them befriend some furry, cuddly, and farm-raised animals.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt by giving children a list of things they can find on a nature trail.

If you’re planning a weekend trip, you can look at seasonal and accessible activities for children. Then use the acquired information to create an age-appropriate itinerary for young campers during their trip to New Forest. 

reusable bamboo cutlery for camping

The Knapsack: What Should You Pack?

Whether you decide to cook over a campfire or buy local food from a nearby town, there are many other things to pack. These include a tent, tent repair kit, wallet, and portable charger for your phone.

You should also camp with:

  • Take a personalised bamboo lunch set here for young campers and disposable camping cutlery here bundles if you’re going in a large group.
  • Pack bamboo straws here to sip refreshing juices and stay hydrated without harming nature.
  • You will need a first aid kit to treat scrapes, cuts, and minor bumps.
  • Remember to take extra clothes to freshen up after a busy day in muddy fields and petting zoos.
  • Zero-waste toothbrush travel set here for you and your child.
  • You can buy bamboo socks here to keep your feet warm and toasty when you’re camping outdoors.
  • Fill your knapsack with healthy trail snacks like nuts, dry fruits, seeds, and fresh fruits.

We have added our bamboo camping cutlery and personal care products to help you adopt zero-waste practices on the go.

Parting Words

Make your trip to New Forest camping grounds meaningful by teaching young campers how to take care of the planet. Children start developing habits at a young age. Hence, your eco-friendly choices will teach them how to protect the nature surrounding them.

My Little Panda makes these habits easy to build and maintain by introducing camping cutlery and travel essentials for your next trip.

Happy Camping!

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