Planning to Go Camping in Cornwall? Don't Forget to Pack This Bamboo Cutlery Set!

From the craggy, Atlantic-bruised cliffs by the seaside to the vast Bodmin Moor and the tin mine-dotted countryside, Cornwall is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places to go camping in the UK. Whether it is a family-friendly farm overlooking the sea or a secret garden hideout with just a couple of tent pitches, you can be sure there will be a campsite in Cornwall to match your needs.

 So, if you've decided to go camping in Cornwall, don't forget to pack this bamboo cutlery set. Having this set on your trip will allow you to enjoy more benefits than you can imagine! In this article, we take a look at why you need to take this bamboo cutlery set along with you.

What Do You need to Know about the Bamboo Cutlery Set?

At My Little Panda, we offer an amazing bamboo cutlery set that consists of twelve reusable cutlery pieces (four forks, four spoons, and four knives) made from bamboo packed in an eco-friendly pouch.

Why Do You Need to Have This Bamboo Cutlery Set?

There are several reasons why you should have this bamboo cutlery set when you're going camping in Cornwall. Some of these include:

1. Easy to Carry

The bamboo cutlery set weights only 140g! Yes, it's really that light. This means you can easily pack it in your bag without increasing the weight too much. You really want to relax and enjoy your camping trip, not waste half your time lugging heavy bags from one place to another.

2. Reusable

My Little Pandas bamboo cutlery set is reusable, meaning that you don't need to pack dozens of knives and spoons into your bag and add unnecessary weight. All you have to do is clean up the pieces with hot soapy water, and voila, your cutlery is clean and ready for use again.

3. Organic

The cutlery set doesn't have any sealants or glues. It will not contaminate the camping food, nor will it hard the environment after you dispose it off.

4. Economical

Want to go camping in Cornwall without spending a fortune? This cutlery set will be your best friend. Priced at just £10.99, the Bamboo Cutlery Set here is enough to meet all your needs throughout the trip.

Lady using bamboo fork

What Else Do You Need When Camping in Cornwall?

While the bamboo cutlery set is great with loads of advantages, it's not the only thing you need as you plan to go camping in Cornwall. Here are some more essential items you will be needing.

Organic Bamboo Straw Bundle

Drinking water on your camping trip is essential to stay hydrated. You might take water bottles, but this might not be enough if you're going camping for multiple days.

We suggest you invest in reusable bamboo straws here. Our multi-sized packs are sustainable, versatile, and durable. You can use these drinks to enjoy a number of refreshing drinks. Most importantly, you won't need to reposition the straw each time you move.

Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Set

The Bamboo Toothbrush travel set here is great for keeping in your wash bag while you're on the go. The set includes a bamboo toothbrush along with charcoal dental floss. These two items are packed in an attractive travel case to prevent them from getting infected by germs.

Happy Panda Bamboo Socks

Happy Panda Bamboo socks here are another essential item you need to have on your camping trip. These socks will keep you comfy and warm throughout your trip.

The Happy Panda Socks are made with viscose which has high antibacterial properties as compared to cotton or polyester. In fact, bamboo also has a bio-agent known as bamboo Kun that keeps irritants such as pests at bay.

What's more, is that bamboo can absorb up to four times more moisture than cotton. When there's less moisture, bacteria will have a tough time surviving. This means your feet will be a lot less smell even after you wear the socks for multiple days in a row.

Last Few Words

If you love spending time in nature, you will love camping in Cornwall. The place promises to have something exciting in store for everyone. Use our sustainable and eco-friendly products to make the experience more meaningful.

Shop for more environmental-friendly camping essentials here. Have fun!

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