Say Goodbye to a Boring Summer with These Activities

The summer months are a great time to get your kids outside and away from their screens. You can utilize this time to teach them how to care for the environment and adopt healthy habits. It is also the perfect opportunity to bring the family together for a day out or a fun activity at home.

If you want to keep your kids engaged and educated this summer, look no further than these eco-friendly summer activities:

Plan a Picnic

What better way to unwind than spending time with loved ones, relaxing on the grass, and enjoying a picnic lunch? It'll be much more fun if you organize a plastic-free picnic where you can teach your children the value of living a waste-free lifestyle in the heart of nature. Pack your food in washable containers, keep reusable plates for eating, and carry reusable bamboo cutlery sets for the whole family.

Beach Clean-Up Activity

This combines everything that's great about summertime (beaches and picnics) while still being kind to the environment. There are trillions of plastic waste pieces swarming in our oceans, and much of this waste traps marine animals.

Organize a beach clean-up with your closest friends or hold an open event for anybody in the area to join in. You could even turn it into a full-day thing and end the day with a picnic by the shore. Just be sure to clean everything up when you leave!

A person picking plastic bottles from the beach.

Teach Kids How to Compost

Summer vacation is a great opportunity to teach your children about composting. Feel awful about tossing away all those food leftovers or newspapers? Instead of throwing them away, consider composting them.

Choose the spot for your composting bin and start adding food waste to it.  Along with being a more environmentally friendly method to dispose of orange peels and paper scraps, it's a fun way to bring the whole family together for a good cause.

Sustainable Essentials for Eco-Friendly Summer Fun

We've got everything you need to enjoy green summer fun at My Little Panda. Our online store has a wide variety of bamboo lunch sets in colourful hemp bags, bamboo cutlery sets for kids and toddlers, organic bamboo straws, and hemp shopping bags to carry everything in.

Explore our blog for more fun activities, tips, and products for eco-friendly living, or contact us for more information.

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