Sustainable Gift Giving Practices You Should Know About

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays; there are so many different occasions that call for a merry gift-giving exercise. Nothing quite beats the feeling you get when you get a loved one a present you know they’ll love.

If you enjoy giving gifts on special occasions and random moments, here are a few sustainable gift-giving practices you can benefit from.

Buy Fewer & More Meaningful Items

You know how they say less is more? They’re not wrong!

You don’t need to buy five different things for your friend to make their day special. Sustainable gift-giving means making smart purchases and buying items you actually need. Instead of preparing a huge gift basket filled with random things or getting multiple items just for the sake of it, why not get a single useful gift instead? You can allot a budget for a specific item you know your loved one will like and use, ensuring they get the most out of your gift.

This will also ensure you spend responsibly and don’t indulge in meaningless consumerism.

Gift an Activity or Experience  

Gift-giving also doesn’t mean sticking to standard gifting practices. You can also gift your loved one an activity or an experience to make the gift more memorable. For instance, you can introduce them to a new hobby, sign them up for a subscription or membership they’ve wanted to try, or get them tickets for an event.

Here’s an excellent idea: you can gift them a packet of seedlings or a microgreen kit, encouraging them to plant these greens and contribute to the environment. You may just end up introducing them to their new favourite hobby (i.e., gardening). Alternately, you can get them concert tickets or a golf club membership. This way, you won’t be investing in something that your friend never uses, and that ends up being thrown away or re-gifted.

Recycle Wrapping Material

If you’d rather stick to conventional gifts, don’t forget about the packaging materials you use! Instead of buying wrapping paper and other supplies each time, recycle previous wrapping materials. You can use brown paper for the ultimate eco-friendly gift wrap option. Tie a string to give the gift a finishing touch, and voila!

You can also repurpose existing items, such as ribbons, patchwork cloth, old boxes, and other everyday items to create a perfectly wrapped gift.

a wrapped gift

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