The Best Baby Cutlery Set: 3 Reasons to Choose Our Easy-Grip Baby Spoons and Forks

What classifies as the best baby cutlery in the market?

While some parents look for easy-grip baby cutlery, others are interested in finding utensils that attract the little ones. A small fraction of caring parents is focused on finding eco-safe resources for weaning.

You will love our baby spoons and forks regardless of your approach. These child-safe cutlery sets are shaped for the early years of the weaning and self-feeding development phase. Our sets are kid-friendly, eco-centric, and durable for countless firsts at the dining table for young eaters.

Learn all the reasons why parents consider it the best baby cutlery set in the market.

Easy-Grip Baby Cutlery Set: What's Inside the Pack?

If you're looking for a plastic-free, non-metallic cutlery set for your toddler, then don't look any further. My Little Panda's Easy-Grip Baby Cutlery Set here fits this description to the T.

The set includes a small handcrafted spoon and fork made from olive wood. There's an adorable 2-in-1 bandana-style bib that you can tie around your baby's neck for mess-free mealtime. All three items come in a naturally-dyed hemp pouch that has sufficient space for slipping crayons to keep your child entertained.

3 Traits That Make It the Best Baby Cutlery Set for You

Here are three benefits of selecting these easy-grip baby spoons and forks:

Easy-to-Grip Baby Cutlery

Self-feeding can be challenging when you use cutlery sets that are too big or sharp for little mouths. Our soft-grip olive wood products are handcrafted to counter these problems. Each item undergoes numerous trials and errors to ensure your baby enjoys their first mouthfuls.

For example:

  • The wooden fork and spoons have a curvature that makes these cutlery items easier to grip.
  • We kept the edges round to encourage self-feeding and ensure young children don't hurt themselves when they miss their mouth or drop the fork.
  • The child-friendly size (5cm) and lightweight (approx. 120 g as a set) make them easier to manoeuvre than heavier metallic items.

In addition to this, your child gets a fun bandana-plus-bib for mealtime. You can tie the stylish neckerchief around the neck to limit spills and stains. Alternatively, your child can wear it as a headband to prevent their hair from falling into the eyes when your baby eats.

Best baby cutlery set on natural cloth

Eating-on-the Go Made Easy

Mums are well aware of the hassle of packing a long list of things when you take the baby out. The items increase once your toddler starts eating.That's why we have crafted a small baby cutlery set that doesn't take up much space. 

You can easily slip it in with the remaining essentials in a sustainable hemp pouch. The bag has enough space to fit a few crayons or a small toy. You can use them to distract your child while you prepare baby food.

Moreover, cleaning up after the meal doesn't require much as the olive wood spoons and forks are dishwasher-safe. 


These easy-grip spoons and forks don't contain plastics, metals, sealants, or additives. Each item gets tested and certified by SGS UK. Their approval increases the credibility of our claims and eliminates any doubtful element in our manufacturing and packaging process.

 According to our evaluation, the baby cutlery set is:

  • Free from BPA
  • 100% organic and ethically sustained
  • Plant-based/vegan
  • Compostable

Collectively, these factors make it the best baby cutlery set for eco-conscious parents. It allows them to adopt sustainable values by reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, it ensures that young users are not irritated by any harmful chemical residue with a lingering taste behind it.

In a Nutshell

Easy-grip-baby cutlery sets are designed to simplify the weaning process and promote self-feeding skills in babies and toddlers. My Little Panda introduces ergonomic, lightweight utensils that won't stain, break or bend easily. They are odourless and safer to use than metallic-tasting counterparts. These traits make them a constant mealtime companion for toddlers throughout the weaning phase.

Once your child grows older, you can switch to a bamboo lunch set handcraftet here for big kids. The sustainable transition teaches them the value of adopting environmentally-safe habits early.

Ready to shop? Browse and select the best baby cutlery kit for your child.

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