The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Picnic

Whether you’re planning a picnic with friends or family, alfresco dining requires a little foresight. You’ve got to ensure you’re prepared for the unpredictable weather and have enough packed to feed a hungry party.

While everyone has a favourite picnic food, the best items are ones that require minimum effort. You won’t have to carry everything and the kitchen sink to the picnic spot.

Use our well-curated list of dos and don’ts to organise a splendid picnic party.

The Dos: A List of Essentials for a Successful Picnic 

Every picnic needs:

Tasty Treats and Light Snacks

Plan a picnic menu that focuses on nutritiously delicious snacks that don’t make you feel bloated. Homemade sandwiches and pita wraps are excellent options. Grazing boards are another great treat for smaller gatherings. They feature assorted fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and bite-sized cheese.

The trick here lies in crossing off anything that can go soggy, stale or soft by the time you reach your picnic spot.

A Picnic Blanket and Foldable Chairs

There’s nothing more comforting than lazing around on a picnic blanket for a meal under the sun. It creates a cosy ambience and is far more comfortable than wet grass for spots with no tables in sight.

That said, camping chairs are as important. You might get tired after sitting on the ground for hours. Alternatively, you might need chairs for senior members of the family that require proper back support.

A Cooler for Refreshments

Ice Boxes and coolers are a must-have for picnics in the summer. They keep your water bottles and drinks chilled while enjoying the sunny day. We recommend stocking up on fresh juices and storing extra bottles to ensure everyone stays hydrated throughout the day.

The Don’ts: Things to Avoid When You’re Dining Outdoors

Things your picnic party doesn’t need:

A Three Course Meal

Don’t be tempted to go overboard and prepare a three-course meal for your picnic. If you want to diversify the menu, opt for finger food and maybe wraps stuffed with leafy greens and goat cheese.

Ingredients like raw meat, fresh cream, and mayonnaise can be unforgiving during hot weather. You need to keep them at a controlled temperature to ensure they don’t turn into a sticky mess when you reach the destination.

Decadent Desserts

Speaking of sticky messes…

A picnic isn’t the best time to show off your baking skills. We recommend skipping extravagant iced cakes, puddings and homemade ice cream for your outdoor party. That’s because the hot weather will cause them to become runny. They can also attract the unwanted attention of sugar-loving insects who want to share your meal.

If you want to satisfy the sugar cravings of your company, opt for a bundt cake or classic chocolate chip cookies.

Picnic cutlery

Your Silverware or Single-Use Plastics

We’ve seen too many people break or misplace cutlery sets because they brought them to a picnic party. Do not take your silverware collection on an outing unless you’re having a makeshift picnic in the yard. They are fragile, clunky, and far too heavy for picnic baskets.

Avoid single-use plastic forks, spoons, and knives. These disposable items are harmful to the planet and the ecosystem.

We recommend using reusable bamboo cutlery sets here instead. The sustainably designed sets are hard-wearing, reusable, and lightweight. They come in naturally dyed hemp pouches and bags to make storage convenient. Additionally, you can purchase bamboo straw bundles here for refreshments and cooking utensils here for last-minute prep.

Let’s Pack!

Overall, the perfect picnic needs good food, portable cutlery and a comfy setup. Use our guidelines to ensure you have everything sorted before the outing. We strongly advise you to prepare food the night before and recheck your supplies before heading out.

That way, you won’t have to rush back or miss out on snacks you had prepared for the picnic.

Think you’ve got everything you need? Check out our plastic alternatives here to plan a sustainable, eco-focused picnic.

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