The Top Sustainability Influencers in the UK

While sustainability trends have long been the subject of discussion in the UK, we want to take out a moment to thank some of the amazing influencers who’ve been helping people embrace eco-friendly lifestyles.

Here’s a look at some of the top sustainability influencers in the UK.

Emily Broughton (@savingthegrace)

Every now and then, you come across people who’re genuinely committed to saving the world. Emily Broughton is an example of such people. With her Instagram blog, she has been creating awareness about the existing and predicted environmental issues and their impact on rivers, oceans, and glaciers.

Additionally, Broughton’s blog also serves as an educational platform for individuals who wish to make eco-conscious choices. She helps them minimise waste and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Wendy (Moral Fibres)

Moral Fibres is one of the most well-known sustainable living blogs in the UK, created by top sustainability influencer Wendy. Her ideology is simple; she believes leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle shouldn’t be a rarity but a commonly accepted way of life.

Through her blog, Wendy has encouraged dozens of followers to eliminate single-use plastics, opt for ethical health and beauty products, and reduce waste. She regularly shares tips and lifestyle hacks on sustainable living and budget-friendly options.

Besma Whayeb (@besmacc)

With over 7,000 followers on Instagram, Besma Whayeb has created a name for herself with her blog Curiously Conscious. She uses her social media presence to influence millennials into adopting sustainable trends and enhancing their eco-literacy.

Whayeb’s Instagram account and blog discuss sustainable issues and help raise awareness about lesser-known topics. Whayeb also shares beauty and fashion tips.

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Immy Lucas (@sustainably_vegan)

If you’ve been meaning to embrace the vegan lifestyle, Immy Lucas is the person to follow! Her Instagram blog gives a detailed insight into her low-impact lifestyle, discussing the various aspects of veganism.

Lucas has also started the Low Impact Movement, which is an educational platform designed to reduce waste and the effects of consumerism by creating awareness.

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