The train journey

Long-distance train travel can be a very boring experience at times. In order to avoid eye contact with anyone else, the only thing you can do is read on the internet, watch videos, and look out the window.

Taking the train from Glasgow to Euston station in London was an interesting experience.

Having followed all the usual procedures, I arrived at the station on time and awaited the train. After boarding the train, I took a seat and prepared myself for a five-hour journey. As I was doing that, a woman walked towards me with a train attendant. Due to an earlier cancellation, I heard the train attendant explaining to the lady that the first-class premium seats were full, but she could sit anywhere in the first-class standard seats. She chose to do so. My seat was directly in front of her.
To make a long story short, we began chatting. The boyfriend arrived within five minutes, fuming. It was evident in his eyes. I began the conversation in an effort to relax him a bit.

It has been explained to Alan (his name) what I do, My Little Panda, eco-friendly products free of chemicals, etc. He impressed me with the level of knowledge he possessed about the subject. When I heard the amount of effort he puts into becoming more sustainable, I was deeply moved. His efforts were impressive. As well as myself, there are others who are committed to becoming more sustainable. I turned around as the conversation reached the second stage, let's say, and saw a book in front of me with Alan Thompson's name across the cover. The Alan i was speaking to all this time he was an English footballer. At one time, I was a footballer as well. It was therefore natural that the conversation turned to football. I exchanged my experiences with him, and he reciprocated. I was expelled from professional football at the age of 18. Alan played professional football all his life. I know how many sacrifices it takes to achieve something that I wasn't able to do. I am not talking about money here, but I am talking about character and determination. Congratulations, Alan, for being a character to look up to, for being down to earth, and for being sustainable.

My promise to Alan was to read his book, which I did. What an amazing book. It was a joy to read. It is recommended to any football fan who appreciates characters with a sense of determination, discipline, and responsibility.

You can purchase Alan Thomson's book here. Click>>

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