Top 8 Ways to Make Your International Flights More Comfortable

As airplanes continue to shrink yearly, leg room and seat size is at a premium. Many travellers complain of discomfort and general boredom on long-haul flights such as those from especially when they travel to France from UK or they travel to USA from UK.

1.      Dress Smartly

The temperature in the plane can change as the altitude does. Make sure you take plenty of layers in your travel bag which you carry with you. The clothing should be easily removable and made of soft, breathable fabric. Cotton shirts and pullovers will do. Avoid clothes made from scratchy fabric or which has annoying tags. Itchy is the last thing you want to feel on a long flight.

2.      Wear Appropriate Footwear

Heels and dress shoes have no place on a plane. Stick with footwear that is comfortable and easy to slip on and off. It will help you get through security faster. Once the plane takes off, you can slip them off and relax. Just make sure you wear socks underneath or bring slippers for the plane so your feet can breathe.

3.      Use Earplugs to Block out Noise

If you want to sleep throughout your flight, bring a pair of earplugs or noise canceling headphones with you on the plane. These will come in handy if your seat is near a crying baby, or you need to recharge without being disturbed.

4.      Ask For a Seat Upgrade

Yes, it’s possible. When next you travel to Spain, ask the flight attendant if your seat can be upgraded to first class via frequent flyer miles. If you don’t have the amount needed, ask if you can pay extra for a better seat. The cash will be well worth the comfort.

5.      Get Served First By Ordering A Special Meal

If you request a special meal (such a vegetarian) for your flight, you will be served before everyone else. That’s because these meals are prepared before the flight attendants start their regular meal service. Plus, these are fresher since they are made in smaller quantities rather than in batches. Make your meal extra special with these cute, reusable utensils here from My Little Panda.

The knife blade is small enough to be taken onto the flight (less than 6 cm). You can also get your name and initials etched into the utensils and watch it being done via live video chat. Each utensil adheres to British specifications.

6.      Charge All Electronics Beforehand

Make sure you charge all of your devices beforehand so you don’t run out of charge during the flight. Download a movie or series of episodes from Netflix on your smartphone and tablet before you board the plane. Some airports offer charging stations, but most ports don’t work or are usually occupied. Pack a power bank just in case.

Bamboo lunch set in bag

7.      Take Reusable Water Bottles on the Plane

Most airlines do not allow branded water bottle on the flight. These are usually confiscated at check-in for security reasons. Rather than plastic bottles, take a metal reusable bottle on board with you so you can remain hydrated during the flight. Just ask the flight attendant to fill it for you or fill it yourself after you clear security checkpoints.

8.      Bring a Small Gift for the Flight Attendant

Whether it is a cute bamboo reusable straws here from My Little Panda, or a small box of chocolates you picked up during your travels, a small gift can mean the world to a flight attendant. These can fit easily into a carry-on or travel bag during your UK travel. Befriend crew this way and your chances of a first class meal or a seat upgrade can go up. There is always extra food on board and someone may not be able to make their flight in business class. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Final Words

Travel can be fun, but an uncomfortable flight can ruin things for you. Make sure that doesn’t happen by following these tips. Invest in reusable and portable cutlery from My Little Pands here to sweeten the deal as well. These utensils are biodegradable so you will be doing your bit for the environment.

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