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Bamboo straws are now all the rage due to their versatile nature. But they are not just great for individual use. They are also the best choice for corporate events, birthday parties and many other group occasions. There are numerous benefits of using bamboo straws at events.

"Bamboo Straws For Events, Birthday Parties And Weddings"

They Are All Natural Traditional reusable straws tend to be made from glass and stainless steel. The problem is that these can be dangerous. People today are much more conscious about buying eco-friendly products. They favour bamboo straws over plastic ones because these items are sustainable. Straws made from artificial materials can have very negative effects on the environment. This is especially true of non-biodegradable products. When guests at corporate events and home parties see that the host offers bamboo straws they will appreciate the use of natural alternatives.

They Won't Harm Your Teeth Traditional reusable straws tend to be made from glass and stainless steel. The problem is that these can be dangerous if the user bites down too hard. Children have teeth that are still developing and therefore more vulnerable. Going for a bamboo option drastically decreases the chances of the straw damaging someone's teeth. They do not have any sharp edges, making them safe for people both young and old.


There Is No Aftertaste Straws made with chemicals can sometimes have an unpleasant aftertaste to them. This is not the case for bamboo straws.

Bamboo Straw Benefits at My Little Panda

Hygienic Bamboo straws are made of fibres and contain a natural binding agent called bamboo kun. It works as natural protection against contaminants. Bamboo kun makes this material very hygienic without the use of nasty cleaning chemicals.

They Are DecorativeThese long wooden tubes work well with practically any interior design scheme. They are stylish enough to be used as decorations. Guests at your home parties are likely to be impressed by them. When setting up a table layout, hosts will be able to get creative with their bamboo straws and come up with their own unique look. During wedding parties, it is common for guests to leave with gifts. Bamboo straws are reusable and look great, making them appealing enough for people to take them home. Giving them away will show people that you care and help to spread sustainability to different homes.

“Bamboo straws are made of fibres and contain a natural binding agent called bamboo kun.It works as natural protection against contaminants."

They Can Be Customised Different glasses will need a different length of the straw. Wooden ones can easily be cut down to size. For highball glasses, it is best to stick to a length of 19cm. Smaller ones like gin glasses need 10 cm long straws. Resizing is unfeasible with glass and metal ones. They can also be personalised with names or dates with our engraving service to commemorate a special occasion or make for a thoughtful gift. 

Natural Straws By making the shift to natural straws, the amount of future plastic waste will be reduced. Reusable bamboo straws are a cost-effective and highly viable option. It is not just individuals who could help save the planet with natural straws. Restaurants, pubs and fast food chains can also do it.

Conclusion All of these reasons make bamboo straws the future of drinking utensils. No matter what your event may be these products will make you look professional and eco-conscious. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being safe for everyone. Their versatility is clear by the fact that they are suitable for both corporate events and home parties are a great alternative to plastic straws. The next time you need to purchase products for drinking with it is well worth choosing bamboo straws. 

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