Vegan Cutlery – All You Need to Know

As the push for helping preserve the planet gains momentum, so is the presence of eco-friendly products in the market. Consumers are now making sustainable choices, especially when it comes to products that require everyday use. In this regard, cutlery is the most common product. Plastic straws and cutlery often find their way in the seas and oceans – only to harm wildlife and ecosystems. This is where vegan cutlery has made its mark. To learn more about what vegan cutlery is and where to find vegan utensils, read ahead. 


What Makes Cutlery Vegan?

Vegan cutlery is utensils that are made using natural and organic products such as bamboo, rice, wheat, and wood. These products are free of any unwanted chemicals and substances such as plastic, making them safe for people of all ages, especially teething babies. In most cases, vegan cutlery can also be edible and safe to consume. Spoons, bowls, and other utensils made of flour, rice, oats, or soybean products can be consumed or used in making compost due to their biodegradable properties.

Benefits Of Vegan Cutlery

The benefits of vegan cutlery cover a wide range of aspects. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why investing your time and money in vegan cutlery is worth it.

1.      They Are Hygienic And Chemical Free

Vegan cutlery is free of any sealants, chemicals, and glue. This makes them a lot safer and healthy. In addition, they are bacteria free and odour and heat resistant as well, thus making them perfect for cooking as well.

Vegan utensils

2.      They Are Biodegradable

Vegan cutlery is biodegradable, unlike plastic cutlery. It helps reduce the level of carbon footprint on the planet. This is exactly what is needed as the adverse impacts of climate change intensify with each passing day. Preserving the environment and reducing carbon footprint can help create a sustainable and healthy world for future generations.

3.      Vegan Cutlery Can Be Recycled & Reused

Once vegan cutlery gets worn out, it can be recycled into making another eco-friendly product. For instance, utensils made of wood can be recycled into making paper and other wood based products.

4.      Vegan Cutlery Is Affordable And Durable

You can expect vegan cutlery to last for years- it is a lot more durable than you may think it is. High quality vegan cutlery is splinter resistant, can withstand high temperatures, and be placed inside the dishwasher as well. They are easy to wash and clean, and, they cost a lot less than traditional cutlery.

Where To Find Vegan Cutlery

If you are looking for vegan cutlery that is made using 100% natural materials, then check out My Little Panda. We have a wide range of utensils that are made of bamboo, olive wood, and are heat resistant as well. From cooking utensils, easy to carry reusable cutlery sets, and even bamboo matcha tea sets, all can be easily found on our website. Our products are SGS certified and designed by UK students. We follow all UK specifications and regulations regarding sustainable and ecofriendly products, thus making us stand out as an ecofriendly and economical brand.

And, that’s not all. You can even customize the hemp carry case the utensils come in with your name and desired colour. Gift a set to your friends or family members and become part of the journey towards a sustainable and safe future today!

The Bottom Line

Vegan cutlery has become quite popular among consumers who are conscious of their purchasing habits. This is why My Little Panda is dedicated to helping preserve the environment by reducing the level of carbon footprint and plastic left behind from products that are used in day to day activities. Each product is designed, manufactured, and wrapped with love and attention to detail – our products are sure to last you for years!

To go green and vegan today, place an order on our website and browse through our wide range of sustainable products here. You can get in touch with us by dropping us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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