Why Natural Dyes are Better for Your Health and the Environment

At My Little Panda, we use natural dyes to colour our products so that they don’t harm the environment. However, that’s not the only reason. Turns out, natural dyes have a lot of benefits for the environment as well as your own health and wellbeing.

With natural dyes, we do our part for the environment, and also give you great looking products to last. 

What are Natural Dyes?

Natural dyes are dyes that are derived from any sort of animal or plant material. This makes the dyes part of the natural cycles that create and decompose of materials. Natural dyes are also devoid of any chemical treatment and are obtained from flowers, leaves, insects, roots, etc.

At My Little Panda, we use dyes which are cruelty free and made from plant, flowers, and fruit extracts.

Benefits of Natural Dyes for Your Health and the Environment

Biodegradable Dyes

Natural dyes are known to be biodegradable. Since they are from natural materials which naturally decay as time passes, they are not a burden on the environment. When they decompose, they don’t leave residue behind which can be toxic to the environment either.

Vibrant Colours

Natural dyes produce some of the most beautiful and vibrant colours that you’ll ever see. This is because they come straight from mother earth herself. Using plants and fruits and vegetables that grow straight from the ground, natural dyes result in beautiful tapestry of colour.

Flowers are also used to create natural dyes which result in some of the most unique and rare colour combinations.

At My Little Panda, you’ll get to see a wide variety of products which are coloured using the most unique shades.


One of the best things about natural dyes is that they don’t contain any inorganic or toxic chemicals. This means they don’t contain any carcinogenic or poisonous materials which can poison the earth or affect your health.

My Little Panda does its part to lower dependence on such harmful products by using only natural dyes.

With non-toxic materials, you can be sure that our products won’t adversely affect your health. You can also find solace in the fact that our products don’t produce any toxic run off. When these products are disposed of, they won’t result in run off that can poison rivers or marine life.

With our sustainable products like cutlery and pouches coloured with natural dyes, you can rest easy. You don’t need to feel anxious when eating with our cutlery sets since they’re dyed with natural materials.

Bamboo cutlery in hemp bags, naturakl colour dies

They Have Anti-Microbial Properties

Did you know that natural dyes also have antimicrobial properties? What this means is natural dyes naturally ward off things like fungus or microbial build up. These microbes can actually be disease traps if they’re not cleaned up immediately.

When you buy My Little Panda products, the natural dyes that colour them will product you and your family. By reducing microbial build up, our products can provide a safer environment for your children to eat their fill.

They Absorb a Lot of UV Light

One more unexpected benefit of using natural dyes is that you can protect against UV light. Since they’re made from natural materials which typically absorb a lot of UV light regularly, they are UV absorbent.

You can more fully protect your skin from UV light if you use natural dyes. This also means that the natural colours produced by these dyes will keep you safer as long as you use them.

My Little Panda Products are Coloured with Natural Dyes

My Little Panda products are coloured with natural dyes, keeping in mind your health and the environment. With our products you can be sure no toxic products are used and that everything is made from sustainable materials.

Whether it’s our cutlery sets or our pouches, we follow ethical practices that are considerate towards the environment. What’s more, you can get our products in vibrant shades and different hues that delight. All the natural dyes we use are extracted from plants and made with locally sourced materials.

We also use local labour to make our products, so they contribute to local jobs and the economy as well.

Safe to handle, and built to last, our products are everything you need to live the sustainable lifestyle. So, head on over to My Little Panda and begin your journey towards sustainability today!

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