Your Ultimate Guide on How to Cook Pork Chops

 Pork chops are some of the most delicious foods that you can cook at any day of the year. Do you want to create a beautiful meal from pork chops? Here is how you can cook some the right way.

How to Cook Pork Chops the Right Way


  • 1-inch Thick Bone-In Pork Chops (4 Per Serving)
  • Salt, to taste
  • Black Pepper, to taste
  • 2 tbsp high heat oil (canola/corn/safflower/grapeseed)

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • The recipe mainly follows a standard template. However, you need to adhere to the steps exactly to create the perfect flavour. You need to sear the pork chops in a pan for exactly 3 minutes and then flip them around to do the same. Make sure that they’re not overcooked since that will deprive them of their flavour and juices.
  • To make tender pork chops, you need to time the recipe exactly and have everything, including the temperature just perfect.
  • You should also select the right pork chops to get the best flavour. This means you should get bone-in pork chops which are at least an inch thick. Thinner pork chops or boneless chops will nearly always taste overcooked and try. Worst of all, they’ll be tough. Thick pork chops with bones will seal in the flavour.
  • You should ideally use a cast-iron skillet to cook your pork chops before you transfer them to the oven. This will ensure that the chops are very nicely browned with a crisp crust. That flavour will be sealed in so that they can perfectly bake in the oven. You can even cook smaller meals if you have as skillet.


  1. Get the pork chops out of the freezer about 20 minutes before you start cooking. This will help them settle to room temperature and remove any absorbed moisture. This will help cook them faster and reduce any spray from the pan.
  2. Preheat the oven to 200 C and dry the pork chops with paper towels. Make sure to season them with salt and pepper. This will help seal in the flavour when they’re cooked.
  3. Heat up an oven proof iron skillet on the stovetop for 5 minutes. After you preheat the skillet, you should add about 2 tsp of vegetable oil. If the pan starts smoking, that’s completely normal.
  4. Then add the pork chops and cook for 3 minutes on either side as instructed.
  5. Immediately transfer the pan to the oven and roast the chops for 6-7 minutes.
  6. Ideal pork chop temperature is around 60 C. You can check the internal temperature with a thermometer, to make sure they’re done. If you can bare it, you should do a thumb test by pressing the pork chops in the centre. That way, you’ll be sure they’re soft enough to serve.
  7. When done, remove the pork chops from the oven and the skillet and wrap in foil. This will keep them fresh for later.
  8. Let the chops rest for 3-4 minutes before serving to cool a little.
  9. You can serve the chops with any seasoning or condiment you want. Some prefer to add beer or wine with them to make the meal perfect.

Make sure to follow this recipe to the letter if you want the best pork chops. Deviating from the recipe will only result in harder, more blackened pork chops which are bland in taste.

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