Ban plastic straws. Just don't use paper ones.

November 13, 2021 2 min read

New research published by researchers at the University of Florida, published in ScienceDirect, The report suggests there may be more reason to avoid paper drinking straws than just a distaste for them. 

The researchers detected per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or potentially harmful chemicals, in paper and other plant-based straws, which have increasingly become common amid global efforts to reduce plastic consumption.

These PFASs may be the reason why the straws are water-resistant. PFAS, the authors wrote in the abstract of their study, are not fully biodegradable, causing direct human ingestion of them and adding to their cycle between waste streams and the environment.

The journalist Mariah Blake is working on a book about PFASs, also known as "forever chemicals." She says they are linked to cancer and a number of other health problems. 

Read the study

knowledge: Despite the fact that paper straws and plant-based straws like starge straws, rice straws, etc do not contain plastic, glue is used to bind them, which is the problem. Each manufacturer uses a different glue, the glue content varies.

Try the paper straw test: Roll a piece of paper into a straw. When you move your finger, the paper will roll flat again. Glue is needed to keep it attached.

Finally: Keeping with the My Little Panda ethos and our clients' perspective in mind, we promoted only natural products. This explains our decision to spend more time on research than packaging design. 


Our new label provides accurate information, minimizes waste, keeps it healthy, and recycles as little as possible.  

We at My Little Panda we will continue to support only natural straws, made by the earth, Bamboo straws. 

Our Ideology is No Chemicals in the Food Chain. What is your perspective?

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