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Earth's carbon budget is running out.

November 28, 2021 2 min read

The climate change crisis is no exception to the rule that everyone needs to work together. We are approaching the end of Earth's carbon budget. It has been suggested that environmentally friendly companies are the answer. Environmentally friendly companies are indeed crucial to meeting the Paris goals.

To meet the Paris goals, emissions must be reduced wherever they are. To achieve this, we must transform our natural resources, manufacturing,  transport, and industry - the sectors that account for approximately 60% of global emissions.

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What are environmentally friendly companies?

Environmentally friendly companies are those that are committed to sustainability and have low emissions. These companies recognise that the world needs and wants change and realise this opportunity. To meet the increasing demand for greener natural resources and low carbon dioxide emissions, we must fundamentally change the way we think, which includes marketing. 

I believe the future lies in looking forward and making meaningful changes. It is no longer appropriate to market with quick fixes. Many companies promise "We will plant a tree when you purchase from us." 

When a tree is cut down, it can take 30 years for a new one to grow in its place and provide the same benefits to the environment. With one of history's most significant environmental challenges, we cannot afford that.

Cutting down a tree

According to Paris Michailidis, the co-founder of the firm My Little Panda, we should consider how to save our trees, not destroying them to replant them. The remarks of Paris Michailidis continue. We are able to solve the problem with paper made of bamboo. Despite its ability to regrow without replanting, we also switched from Branding boxes, which are difficult to transport because of their bulkiness. Rather, we utilized a traditional Japanese packing method called origami wrapping, which minimizes space consumption and waste.  

My Little Panda Origami Packaging

It is only by a massive, unprecedented and sustained shift in global production away from quick-fix energy sources and toward more sustainable, long-term resources that net-zero can be achieved.    

As many compamies as possible must contribute to global decarbonisation by moving in the same direction.

No matter the starting point or stated ambition, the Paris Agreement and other green initiatives recognise the importance of working together. A total of nine significant emitters - China, Japan and the United States - have pledged to become net-zero by 2050 under the Paris Agreement. 

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