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There is more to this story than meets the eye.

December 17, 2021 2 min read

 (buyer online marketplace)

I bought a set of adult cuterly set (2 adults and 1 child) on 08/10/21 and they were £12.99 each. I'm looking at buying the same set again ( 2 lots ) and just wondering if you are still doing these? Or are they the ones that are now £17.99?

Many thanks


(Shop answer on marketplace chat)

We pulled out of most marketplaces (Amazon). We kept Etsy as it is a little bit of class, but we still have to pay a high percentage of commission to them, and we don't like that. Small businesses across the UK are suffering and need as much help as possible. So My Little Panda put the prices up on Etsy, but if you search My Little Panda UK - on google, you will find the products a lot less in price - our website - no fees to pay for us, hence no fees for you.

Also, My Little Panda is done so well getting out of Amazon that we decided to give back to the rest of the small businesses of the UK. Please check this out notonamazon.app/

I am sorry for the full story - you only ask for a price, and i send you a book to read,(long email)

Small businesses that represent the soul of a city are what makes it great - that's what makes its culture. Isn't it silly to not do everything we can to keep them? We owe it to them.


Thank you very much for that I really appreciate it! I have bought nearly all of my families Christmas presents from small buisness this year and they now all have a set of your cuterly! I've just placed an order via your website :)

I appreciate the background into the marketplaces also! :)

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