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Designed to be compact for perfect portability and easy travel options, this cutlery set is small, stylish and sustainable.


"Containing a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, straw and accompanying coconut cleaning brush."

Travel Set StoryIt’s hard to be eco-conscious when travelling. Often you are focusing on whether you can get a hold of the bare essentials and if you’ll be able to pack them, rather than if they are environmentally friendly. Our compact travel set is designed with that in mind, with lightweight, stylish cutlery that comes in its own compact carry pouch.

Compact CutleryTaking cutlery anywhere with you has always been a bit of a cumbersome task. Metal can be heavy and clunky, whilst the plastic is often flimsy and is no good for the environment. Our Compact Bamboo Travel set contains the basic necessities you’ll need for eating on the move and is ideal for activities, camping, travel or even just commuting to and from the office. Containing a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, straw and accompanying coconut cleaning brush, it can all be slid into its own compact, organic hemp,  drawstring carry pouch that fits perfectly into a pocket, bag or desk drawer.

Environmentally Friendly & BiodegradableMade from sustainably sourced bamboo, the reusable cutlery in this set helps users cut down on single-use plastics. By keeping reusable cutlery on you, you need never have to pick up the plastic cutlery that is so often provided with take-away meals or fast food. Ditch the plastic for good and help reduce the wastage going to our landfills and ending up in the oceans. Sturdy and heat-resistant, this cutlery can be used time and time again and contains no harmful chemicals or BPAs so it doesn’t do any damage to you or Mother Nature. Organic and entirely biodegradable, the bamboo biodegrades when disposed of as does the carry case that is made of 80% organic hemp, a plant that uses significantly less water than most in its growth and production. Strengthened with 20% recycled cotton fibres, it is durable enough to withstand constant use and is machine washable as well.

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Ethically SourceWe use a type of bamboo that grows up to three metres a year, and that doesn’t stop growing when it is harvested. Making sure that no chemicals or fertilisers are used in its growth, it is entirely organic so as to minimise the possibility of any negative environmental impacts during this process. Our products are then handmade by a family business in Vietnam, with stringent quality control procedures in place. We ask all of our producers and suppliers to submit videos of their working conditions to make sure our duty of care to those producing materials for us is being met. Our commitment to environmentalism and ethical production runs through the whole manufacturing process, from creation to customer.

DesignWe accept designs from any UK based students that are studying Product and Industrial Design. Most of our products are bamboo-based and it is vital that all of our products can be produced in an ethical and sustainable way. The design objective for any product submission is that it must contain no plastic and be completely chemical-free. If your design goes to production, you will receive a completed version of that product and £500. For more information, contact us.

“Our commitment to environmentalism and ethical production runs through the whole manufacturing process, from creation to customer."

Care & CleaningEasy to clean, these products just need to be washed in warm, soapy water, like most other cutlery or kitchen utensils. Rinse any soap off and dry and they can be reused time and time again. For a deep clean use vinegar and salt. Naturally heat resistant, they are also dishwasher safe without fear of splitting or splintering. In the unlikely event of the product starting to look dry, rub in any food oil (like olive or vegetable). 

AssemblyAssembled in the UK to make sure that all of our products adhere to British manufacturing and production standards, we offer employment opportunities to stay-at-home-parents, OAPs, and those who are less mobile, so that they can work to a timeframe that suits them. We deliver the products to assemble, directly to their door for ease. For enquiries about working for us, contact us.

Product OverviewA compact set of bamboo cutlery contained in an organic hemp drawstring pouch for easy travel and storage. Handcrafted utensils made from a single piece of bamboo each, the set consists of tableware including a knife, fork, spoon, straw and accompanying coconut cleaning brush.

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