March 20, 2020 4 min read

Soft to the touch and soft on growing teeth, our upcoming olive wood cutlery set is ideal for smaller hands, learning to feed themselves.

"Containing a child-sized olive wood spoon, fork, bamboo-fibre bib and roll-up carry case."

Olive Cutlery StoryWith families of our own, and seeing friends with young ones, we wanted a product that would be easy for small fingers to grip and gentle on soft delicate mouths, whilst still adhering to the My Little Panda Ideals of environmentalism and ethical business. Ideal for babies and toddlers, this set of an easy-grip fork and spoon has a smooth finish and comes with a bamboo fibre bib and roll-up carry case for easy portability. Although My Little Panda predominantly deals with bamboo products, these limited edition sets are made from olive wood from the Puglia region of Italy where a bacteria is killing the trees. The bacteria is harmless to humans but devastating to these trees, and this wood is made from those trees cut down to prevent its spread. As such, we will be re-investing money into the area to help olive growers restore their livelihoods and see a return of the magnificent olive groves.

Perfect for ParentsParenting is hard enough without having to worry about plastic waste and the environmental impact of all the necessities of child-rearing. This delightful, lightweight and compact olive wood cutlery set solves the feeding time struggle of carrying around cumbersome tableware. With its own bamboo fibre carry case and bib, little messes are no problem and can all be packed away with ease to be machine washed later. The cutlery itself is easy to clean in hot, soapy water and is dishwasher safe too. Soft to the touch and gentle on soft palates and new teeth, the softwood will do no harm on curious mouths with no fear of splintering or splitting. Entirely natural, the set is made without chemicals or harmful BPAs so will do no harm to your family or the planet.

Environmentally Friendly & BiodegradableusOlive trees are a slow-growing tree, and although they can start producing fruit between eight and 15 years of growth, it can take between 65 and 80 years for their yields to stabilise. Because of this, making products from their wood is not particularly sustainable, but in the current circumstances, we are trying to take the environmentally conscious route by preventing the spread of this disease and by reinvesting in new olive groves for the future. The wood is 100% organic and contains no harmful chemicals or BPAs meaning it is safe for you, the family and planet Earth. Organic and entirely biodegradable, the wood biodegrades when disposed of as does the bamboo fibre carry case and bib, that are both machine washable.

Ethically Sourced A plant-bacteria thought to be native to Africa is now creeping its way across Europe causing devastation in the olive groves of the Mediterranean as it dries out the trees, making them wither and die; unable to produce fruit anymore. This pathogen is perfectly harmless to humans, and the oil of the fruit from an infected tree can still be consumed, but the tree is soon rendered useless, unable to produce anything. One particular area this has affected pretty dramatically is the Puglia region of Italy. Of the roughly 60-million olive trees in Puglia, more than 10 million are already infected, including some of the oldest. As authorities battle to find a way to combat the disease, it has become a race against time to save the trees that are left, but it is beginning to look more and more like a losing battle. Spread by tiny insects, scientists are looking at ways of containing these creatures or even grafting on bacteria resistant branches to the trunks of uninfected trees but nothing has presented itself as a viable response as of yet. The main objective, for the time being, is containment as the spread of this disease and we are buying the wood cut down to do so. We are also contributing funds to help the replanting and regrowth of these trees in the aftermath of this unfortunate event. Our commitment to environmentalism and ethical production runs through the whole manufacturing process, from creation to customer.

DesignWe accept designs from any UK based students that are studying Product and Industrial Design. Most of our products are bamboo-based and it is vital that all of our products can be produced in an ethical and sustainable way. The design objective for any product submission is that it must contain no plastic and be completely chemical-free. If your design goes to production, you will receive a completed version of that product and £500. For more information, contact us.

This pathogen is perfectly harmless to humans, and the oil of the fruit from an infected tree can still be consumed, but the tree is soon rendered useless…We are also contributing funds to help the replanting and regrowth of these trees in the aftermath of this unfortunate event."

Assembly Assembled in the UK to make sure that all of our products adhere to British manufacturing and production standards, we offer employment opportunities to stay-at-home-parents, OAPs, and those who are less mobile, so that they can work to a timeframe that suits them. We deliver the products to assemble, directly to their door for ease. For enquiries about working for us, contact us.

Care & Cleaning Easy to clean, these products just need to be washed in warm, soapy water, like most other cutlery or kitchen utensils. Rinse any soap off and dry and they can be reused time and time again. They are also dishwasher safe without fear of splitting or splintering.

Product OverviewA set of olive wood cutlery that includes a smooth finish, easy-to-grip, child-size spoon and fork. Comes in an organic bamboo fibre carry bag and with a bamboo fibre bib that can all be packed away in one set. 

This product is now available in the My Little Panda shop.

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