Elegance and Utility for Healthy Eating

The Bamboo Travel Set is a compact cutlery set that comes with straw, brush, fork, knife, spoon made of bamboo. The utensils carry the flexibility and strength of a grown bamboo plant, so you can be sure your fork or knife will not break cutting those steaks you love.

Bamboo cutlery set

The wooden texture gives the Bamboo Travel Set pleasant aesthetics and an organic feel, which is similar to how the cotton rugged pouch feels like in the hand. The pouch secures the utensils in its compact design, ready to fit in your bag anywhere you go.

BAMBOO CUTLERY: Utensils built with the flexibility and strength of matured bamboo, designed for a minimalistic look and shaped to perfectionREUSABLE UTENSILS: Taking the next step to the sustainable use of resources with reusable lasting utensils that are easy to carry and clean with zero BPA or pesticidesREDUCE WASTE: Inspiring cost-efficiency and waste reduction in offices and workplaces with a large number of people with a shift from plastic cutlery.


  • WORK: Say no to single-use cutlery at work and reduce office waste significantly
  • DAY OUT: Bring your lightweight and portable Bamboo Travel Set to meals with friends
  • TRAVEL: Pack the set in its secure hemp pouch and bring it to your trips around the world
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