The negative impact of plastic straws

Organic Bamboo Straws

The negative impact of plastic straws

A large number of people in this world have at some point in their lives made use of plastic straws for all kinds of purposes. They are used in fast food restaurants for soft drinks, they are also used for milkshakes, for drinks at the bar and for a wide variety of purposes. Americans alone are making use of millions of straws every single hour of the day and the truth is that we most of us are not even aware of the serious damage that these small and seemingly harmless plastic commodities are doing to the planet.

Straws and their impact on the environment My Little Panda

Due to the fact that stars are so small and hard to recycle, they often end up being dumped into the ocean. This stars a terrible process that poisons the water to the many toxins that are released from these plastics. This is going to have a direct impact on the marine life and many of them will ingest these plastics. This raises the chances that they will die of health complications related to the plastic in their stomachs.

The dangers to humans

Some people seem to be careless about the dangers of plastics until those dangers hit home. It’s very unfortunate to see this happen, but those who are only concerned about human life are going to be very alarmed about some facts related to the use of plastic straws. For example, when a person uses a straw to drink any kind of hot beverage, the polypropylene that is found in these straws is going to be released quite easily. This kind of chemical has been proven to have devastating effects on the reproductive system and the neurological health of a person, not to mention the serious damage that is done to the immune system. That damage that is done to the immune system is responsible for unleashing a series of health issues that are extremely dangerous.

What about those who need straws?

There are many people in this world who make use of straws for much more than a commodity. For example, people who have any kind of health issues that prevent them from chewing food and they need to drink their food through a straw. Then you have those who have been in accidents and also need to drink their foods because they are unable to chew them properly.

The good news is that there are alternative materials that can be used to create straws. One of those materials is bamboo and the reusable organic bamboo straw has become a huge hit all over the world due to how practical and how lightweight it is, but most importantly because it provides a sustainable alternative that people can use for their needs.

These straws an 100% natural so they are not only helping the environment, but there is also no amount of heat that is going to turn them into harmful and dangerous items that release chemicals that can endanger your health.

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