The Spork is the ultimate bamboo item for backpacking

The Spork is the ultimate bamboo item for backpacking

The Spork: The ultimate bamboo item for backpacking

The use of bamboo for all kinds of purposes has become a very popular thing in many areas of the world. There is an undeniable appeal to the shape. The color, the weight and the overall look that bamboo provides, but there is much more to the appeal that is also related to the eco-friendly aspects of this natural resource. Today, we are going to be talking about one of the most valuable new items that are created with bamboo. We are talking about the Spork, this spoon and fork hybrid is making waves amongst people who like to travel light and want to pack the most reliable in their backpacks only.

The ultra-light durability of the spork My Little Panda

If there is one thing that backpackers want and need when it comes to the items they pack for their adventures is to ensure the lightest possible weight, but they also want to make sure that their items are durable and reliable. There are many things that people need to pack before they head off to nature, but one of the most basic and important is to have eating utensils.

Some people might say that eating with your hands is one of the most important things to do to fully experience nature, but that is not a practical or recommended approach to a lot of the foods that you can eat in the wild. It doesn’t matter how much you love nature, you are not going to have any food that contains hot liquids with your hands. Preparing some stew or some soup while you are camping is one of the most common things do to, and you are going to need a spoon for this purpose. You also want to make sure that you have a fork to properly hold some of the food you eat.

Most people are going to make sure that they can bring a good knife with them when they go backpacking, but having forks and spoons are going to take up a lot of space and add to the weight of the pack. This is the reason why the bamboo Spork was created. This is an extremely durable and lightweight fork in one end and a spoon in the other. This means that you can easily switch from a certain type of food to another. You can scoop out fruits and you can easily rinse the spork with water and have it dry and ready to go within minutes.

Always ready when you need it

Sporks are so lightweight that you could travel with sets of 4 to 6 sporks without adding any significant weight to your travel pack. This is one of the main reasons why such a large number of people are making use of this amazing invention when they decide to go camping. Always bring them with you to any kind of travel situation and you will be glad you did.

They are eco-friendly, they are easy to use, easy to clean and incredibly affordable too!

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