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My little Panda will not be participating in this years Black Friday event.

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Alzheimer's Society

For the last three years, My Little Panda has built its reputation on sustainable and reusable products that are designed to outlast current trends for many years to come. Due to our strong belief in quality rather than quantity, we have decided to refrain from participating in Black Friday and will not be offering any special discounts either during the week preceding Black Friday or on the day of Black Friday itself.

We would rather lead by example. We will encourage our customers to think before making a purchase, such as will an item of cutlery is used more than once? 

Rather than offer large, crazy discounts on Black Friday that are completely insensitive to the quality and care that has gone into making our cutlery and disrespect the people who make it, we will be donating £1 from each Black friday order to charity. Each and every day, we would like to set an example of how we care about a sustainable society. The ethos of what we are doing will not be sacrificed for the sake of increased sales." Declares Paris Michailidis, co-founder of My little Panda.

Alzheimer's Society has been selected as the recipient of these donations. "We are sure our customers will appreciate the approach and will join us in our efforts." says My Little Panda's Marketing Manager, David Fuentes.

Paris Michailidis - Andriani Michailidou

Andriani Michailidou

A winning combination!

The Alzheimer Society will receive £1 from every order placed between 21st November and 29th November. 

- why not just on Black Friday? In spite of the extra staff on hand, we will not be able to handle an extremely high volume of orders if everyone decides to order on Black Friday, the day in which the charity will be benefitting. Thank you for your consideration. 

 My little panda has made a donation to the Alzheimer's Society

We're done with black Friday

Want to support the give day instead?

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